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Improving Flow across inpatient wards in Newham

28 September 2022

In this short  video  Alice and Mark describe their approach to improving the flow of patients through the Newham Centre for Mental Health.   Their story describes how they are leading their triage and inpatient wards respectively, using QI approaches to gain shared understanding and working together to test solutions that improve quality for service users… Read More

Demand and Capacity in an ADHD Team

27 September 2022

By Laura Ann Roughan & Jamie Stafford The aim of the project was to reduce the average length of time from initial referral to CAMHS to ‘ADHD assessment feedback’ to 12 weeks. Please follow the link below for the full article.    

Demand and Capacity in an ADHD Team

Medication Flow Story

27 September 2022

Optimising Flow in healthcare is often thought of in terms of improving processes to ensure our service users have the best experience possible throughout their care pathway. However, at the recent Optimising Flow QI programme, James, a service user who uses ELFT adult services described the impact of the challenges around the flow of his… Read More

How Newham CAMHS are improving flow in their system to reduce waiting times for young people

27 September 2022

By Carole Green, Improvement Advisor, ELFT QI  In this short 5 minute video you can hear how Newham CAMHS are using QI to improve flow in their system. General Manager Fiona Stockley shares what the team are working on and why it’s important, how they have been using some simple tools to understand their system… Read More

Using Time Trackers to Understand Staff Capacity to Improve Flow

27 September 2022

By Candace Sinclair, Improvement Advisor  In this 5-minute read, learn how the Integrated Learning Disability Service (ILDS) team in City and Hackney have used time trackers as a tool to better understand staff capacity.  The ILDS in City and Hackney have been working on an Optimising Flow project to reduce the time it takes for… Read More

Occupational Therapy: Demand and Capacity Quality Improvement (QI) Project

26 September 2022

By Sharon Eplett (Head of Quality and Performance) and Nicola Ballingall (Senior Improvement Advisor)  BCHS have made significant improvements to their physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy waiting times. Find out about the methods they used in this interview with their QI Coach, Sharon Eplett. Nicola: How have you built momentum for the flow improvement work? Sharon:… Read More

The ABCD of Optimising Flow: Activity, Backlog, Capacity, and Demand

26 September 2022

By Nicola Ballingall, Senior Improvement Advisor  This 12-minute video is an introduction to some of the basic concepts behind optimising flow: activity, backlog, capacity, and demand. It includes tips on how to match demand and capacity, such as by reducing the batching, queues, and bottlenecks in the system. 

Reducing Waiting Times in the Tower Hamlets Autism Service (THAS)

23 September 2022

By Gemma Wallington & the THAS team   Have you ever felt overwhelmed with a quality issue and are unsure where to start?  If so, this 3-minute read shows how the Tower Hamlets Autism Service (THAS) have broken down their processes into manageable chunks and reduced their waiting times.   Who are we?  THAS is a diagnostic… Read More

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