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Activating agency

17 December 2018

Over the last few weeks I have been reminded that, at its heart, quality improvement work is really all about connections, relationships and purpose. We may need the technical skills of quality improvement and the systematic method to navigate and learn our way through some really complex problems. But the true opportunity in quality improvement… Read More

Top tips for starting a quality improvement project

13 November 2018

Thinking of starting a quality improvement project? Identified something that needs improving? Here’s my three top tips on setting up your project for success… Start with the end in mind. Often, the spark for improvement comes from an idea, a realisation that things would be better if we tried this new way of doing things…. Read More

Improving Quality ≠ Quality Improvement

19 October 2018

In this new blog series, Dr Amar Shah – Consultant forensic psychiatrist & Chief Quality Officer at ELFT – will explore all things QI, sharing tips and tricks, demystifying QI and sharing stories to inspire everyone to improve the system in which they work. Enjoy! Over the last few years we have seen a proliferation in the… Read More

Annual IHI visit to ELFT

10 October 2018

On Tuesday 16th October we are delighted to welcome our partners from IHI to the Trust for a three day visit. This is the fifth time the IHI team have joined us for an annual visit. This year we’re pleased to welcome Derek Feeley, Pedro Delgado, Bob Lloyd and Trissa Torres and look forward to… Read More

Help us improve our QI Communications

27 July 2018

In the spirit of continuous improvement, the Quality Improvement Team would like to know how to better communicate with you. It would only take around 5 minutes to complete this very short survey about how we connect with you. We value your views and would love to hear about your ideas! All responses will remain… Read More

Looking back at ELFT’s participation in the International Forum in Amsterdam

6 June 2018

A delegation of ELFT staff took part in the 2018 edition of the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare, in May. It is one of the world’s largest conferences for healthcare professionals committed to improving patient care and safety. The group was able to join inspirational talks and workshops, in addition conversations with… Read More

Christmas Crossword 2017!

18 December 2017

Following last year’s success, Dr Amar Shah has created a new Christmas Crossword puzzle for this year. Have a go and test your Quality Improvement knowledge. When you are done, please scan your copy and send it to us on and we will share the answers. Have fun!     Click on the image to access… Read More

IHI reflect on their annual visit to ELFT

24 October 2017

In October 2017 our strategic partners, the IHI, returned to ELFT for their fourth annual visit. Derek Feeley, Pedro Delgado and Bob Lloyd met with service users and staff groups across the Trust to hear and see how QI is being embedded into the organisation.

QI By Numbers

4 October 2017

Latest stats from the Quality Improvement Programme

Annual IHI visit to ELFT

3 October 2017

On Wednesday 11th October we are delighted to welcome our partners from IHI to the Trust for a three day visit. This is the forth time Derek, Bob and Pedro have visited us in East London to offer support and guidance on our QI journey. Hundreds of staff, service users and carers will be meeting… Read More

QI by Numbers

15 June 2017

Latest stats from the Quality Improvement Programme

Breaking the Rules

2 June 2017

In March 2017, a campaign at ELFT encouraged all staff to “break the rules”. Endorsed by Dr Navina Evans (Chief Executive) and Dr Kevin Cleary (Chief Medical Officer), staff were encouraged to highlight the bureaucratic, unnecessary and petty rules that are getting in the way of our work. By highlighting and then eliminating these rules… Read More

Building capacity and capability – The REALLY BIG challenge

10 May 2017

Dr Amar Shah, ELFT and Dr David Williams, IHI delivered this session during the 2017 International Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare conference. For more video presentations from the 2017 event please visit our International Forum Collection>>

ELFT Experience Day

3 May 2017

On 26 April 2017 ELFT hosted 150 international visitors on an Experience Day as part of the International Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare event in London. Visitors attended from a variety of countries, including; Angola, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Singapore, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Finland and Norway During the morning session delegates heard more… Read More

Our Annual QI Conference

4 April 2017

We held our Annual QI Conference in East London on Friday 31 March. The event brought together staff, service users, carers and interested external partners to celebrate from 3 years of QI at ELFT. After a welcome address from Mary Elford, ELFT Vice Chair, Dr Amar Shah and James Innes gave an overview of the… Read More

Bringing Research and QI together

21 February 2017

    Prof Frank Röhricht                                    Dr Amar Shah We have a unique richness of research and improvement expertise now at ELFT, spread across all parts of the organisation. This puts us in a great position to be able… Read More

QI by Numbers

1 February 2017

Latest stats from the Quality Improvement Programme

Navina’s reflection on 2016

1 January 2017

Dr Navina Evans, Chief Executive of ELFT reflects on quality improvement at ELFT in 2016 This is my first message as CEO of ELFT. We hosted the IHI summer camp, attended by strategic partners from across the world. We were proud to show them the work we have done in ELFT and with partners. We… Read More

2016 Christmas Crosswords!

20 December 2016

Kevin Cleary and Amar Shah have created a couple of Christmas QI crosswords for your enjoyment. Give them a go and scan and return to us at for the answers! Good luck everyone, and use the QI microsite if you get stuck!                     (Click on the crossword previews… Read More

From Quality Improvement to Quality Control

22 November 2016

By Auzewell Chitewe, Senior Quality Improvement Lead An inevitable question a Quality Improvement (QI) project team will ask themselves at some point is: “When can we say we have achieved our aim and close our project as ‘complete’?”. Some projects close without achieving their aim because the initial aim is no longer achievable due to… Read More

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