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The Service User Voice at the Heart of the ‘Crisis Pathway’ QI forum

26 August 2021

By Sher Kayani, Improvement Advisor 4 minute watch Quality Improvement (QI) forums are often seen as the heartbeat of QI in directorates at ELFT. Established locally in many of the directorates at ELFT, the purpose of QI Forums are to provide a space to support and share learning around QI work in the directorate; where… Read More

The Road to Really Making Things Better: Developing an Aim Statement

28 July 2021

By Nicola Ballingall, Improvement Advisor   Dr Liz Dawson, Primary Care Medical Director recently reflected that, “We often set off on the road of wanting to make things better, but without a really clear idea of where we want to go. We can lose our way when we reach a fork in the road.” She… Read More

Leighton Buzzard Restarts its Triple Aim Work to Improve the Health of the Older Population

29 June 2021

By Daisy Maradzika, Improvement Advisor In September 2020, East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) staff, service users and carers came together to improve the health of their local population in Leighton Buzzard. Together, they represented Mental Health, Community and Primary Care Services as well as local partners (Local authority, non-profit organisations, elderly care facilities, Central… Read More

Bedfordshire Wellbeing Service’s Triple Aim QI Project: The Three-Part Data Review

28 June 2021

By Lawrence Chung, Business Manager and Kayleigh Sanders, Trainee Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner 8 minute read This story explains how Bedfordshire Wellbeing Service, known as BWS, have made recent progress in their project on reducing inequalities. They share how they have used data to learn more about their chosen population segment; Asian or Asian British men… Read More

Learning from Covid-19: How Bedfordshire Wellbeing Service began a Quality Improvement project about reducing inequalities

17 March 2021

By Catherine Heaney, Improvement Advisor 3-minute read  This story explains how Bedfordshire Wellbeing Service, known as BWS, came to develop their project on reducing inequalities, how they identified these and the next steps to tackling them.  The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated potential inequalities for many, for example older adults with less confidence in digital environments, those who suffer from domestic abuse or perinatal service users for whom physical access to services… Read More

Lived Experience in Covid Times: service users’ stories of Bedfordshire Wellbeing Service in 2020

21 January 2021

By Anna, Franchesca and Cath Heaney Improvement Advisor 6 minute watch Bedfordshire Wellbeing Service (BWS) are sharing their experiences of Quality Improvement through this series of stories.  This 6-minute video is the third in the series. Anna and Franchesca discuss their lived experiences of the service during Covid times through the lenses of being service… Read More

QI and Pandemics in Bedfordshire, six months later: What did we learn?

21 January 2021

By Liz Dawson, Medical Director of Primary Care since April 2020 and former Clinical director for adult community services across Bedfordshire and Carlos Santos, Improvement Advsior for Corporate Services, Adult Community Services across Bedfordshire and for Primary Care across the Trust On the brink of Covid-19, multiple difficult decisions had to be made about which… Read More

Bedfordshire team

The year no-one expected enjoyment in work to increase… yet it did!

15 October 2020

Lived experience of staff in Bedfordshire Wellbeing Service in 2020  by Julia Robson, Sharon Gugerly and Catherine Heaney Read time 2.5 minutes Find out how Bedfordshire Wellbeing Service were able to unexpectedly increase their satisfaction at work during the Covid pandemic and the handful of other surprise benefits that it brought them whilst working in… Read More

Co-production and Co-creation in Bedfordshire

23 April 2020

By Carlos Santos, Improvement Advisor, Bedfordshire Directorate Bedfordshire Community Health Services (BCHS) are inviting their wider community to be deeply involved in their Quality Improvement work around COVID-19. As a result, the directorate started testing a great pool of change ideas.   What matters to Staff It all started when BCHS decided to focus all… Read More

Psst….Positive Gossip

22 April 2020

The Luton and Bedfordshire Senior Psychological Therapies team tested ‘positive gossip’ as part of their Enjoying Work project.  The team was feeling very stretched and wanted a creative way to support each other. Two types of communication were included in the definition of ‘positive gossip’: Saying something positive about somebody to someone else, e.g. about… Read More

Launch of Bedfordshire Community Health Service QI

2 October 2019

Bedfordshire Community Health Service launched their QI work with their first QI Forum on September 13th. The Forum was attended by Directorate leads, QI Sponsors, Coaches and project leads and began by discussing how they can support QI in the directorate. Liz Dawson, Clinical Director, said there was “a lot of enthusiasm and ideas on… Read More

Improving Access to Community Mental Health Team Buildings Central Beds – A Service User led QI project

20 September 2019

This month we sat down with Bob Cazley, a service user from Bedfordshire who is Project Lead on the only active Service User led and coached QI project here at ELFT. He told us about the project and about how important Service User involvement is in QI. Bob Cazley is a service user at East… Read More

July Trustwide QI Forum: People Participation in QI

19 July 2019

This month’s Trustwide QI forum focused on people participation. Project teams from across the Trust came together to share their project experiences demonstrating the positive impact people participation has had on their QI projects. Taking place in Youthscape, Luton, the forum took the form of a World Café. Project teams presented their projects to a… Read More

Over 18 safety huddles a week and we’re just getting started

11 April 2019

Luton and Bedfordshire adult mental health wards were the last to trial the Trust’s violence reduction change bundle, spread from Tower Hamlets ward-by-ward across the Trust. Their aim was to reduce physical violence on inpatient wards by 30% by September 2018. Between July and September 2018, progress was rapid. Wards started holding regular safety huddles… Read More

National Award for Trust Project

16 October 2018

Bridging the Bedford Gap is a Quality Improvement project aimed at improving support to those accessing mental health services in Bedfordshire and Luton. They have received the National Mental Health Awards in Liverpool on October 2018. A Trust project launched by mental health service users to support mental health service users has won a prestigious national award…. Read More

ELFT’s approach to improving the quality of life for those we serve

20 June 2018

In this blog, Improvement Advisor Marco Aurelio explains the Population Health approach and describes which projects are currently under way at ELFT. ELFT’s new vision is to improve the population of all we serve. This places us with a much broader remit within our local community and we need to think about how we deliberately… Read More

Bedfordshire & Luton QI Celebration

24 May 2018

On Tuesday 22 May our Bedfordshire and Luton Directorates held their annual QI celebration event at Kings House. The event brought together 120 staff, service users, carers and external partners to share learning and achievement in quality improvement over the last year. Presentations included an overview of QI in the Directorates and plans for the… Read More

QI Project Story: Bridging the Bedford Gap

7 March 2018

Read about how the team overcame challenges and are celebrating achievements in this blog by Felicity Stocker, Satwinder Kaur, James Patrick, Kamila Naseova, Kay Sookun and Evri Anagnostara. The Bridging the Bedford Gap project aims to raise awareness of the Bedfordshire (and Luton) Recovery College (RC), and improving access to it. It aims to encourage diversity, promoting People Participation… Read More

Seeking volunteers for the Luton & Bedfordshire annual QI celebration!

26 January 2018

Are you interested in QI? Would you like some experience in event planning? Would you like a free lunch?! On 22nd May 2018 we will celebrate the progress and achievements of our quality improvement projects in Luton & Bedfordshire. Project teams, Directorate Leaders, interested staff, service users, carers, as well as guest speakers and other… Read More

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