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Streamlining Internal Communication within the QI Department using MS Teams

11 June 2020

As many of us have moved to remote working, we’ve had to grapple with how we stay connected with one another when we can’t just turn around and have a conversation. For some that’s meant more emails, alongside using new tech such as Microsoft teams to have instant chats. However, in the QI Department we’ve… Read More

Newham Perinatal team ‘Shaping their future’

11 June 2020

By Doranne McDonald and Marco Aurelio Improvement Advisors The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has forced different healthcare teams across ELFT to adapt and change the way they provide care to their services users overnight. The speed with which this challenge has been embraced has been awe-inspiring. However, as the country emerges from the first… Read More

Reflections on continuing a QI project during the Covid 19 pandemic

11 June 2020

By Chris Spanton, QI coach in the IAPT Directorate Our QI Journey… Our QI project was aimed at reducing the average waiting time for one of our services, Step 3 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT),  to 12 weeks, by November 2020. Driver diagram created by the project group John, the project lead, put together a wonderful,… Read More

Creating a Driver Diagram with people working remotely

10 June 2020

By Auz Chitewe, Associate Director. In this article, we share one way that a group of people, all connecting virtually from different locations, went about creating a Driver Diagram. A Driver Diagram is a core improvement tool that is useful for visually showing the theory of change for an improvement effort. It helps teams articulate… Read More

Shaping the Future of Services in SCYPS

10 June 2020

By Catherine Heaney, Improvement Advisor. The Specialist Children’s and Young People’s Services (SCYPS) held a Shaping our Future Workshop on 28th May 2020.   The workshop was attended by over 100 people from the directorate, with representation from all services.  Sarah Wilson, the Director of Specialist Services, welcomed people, describing the purpose as protected time for collective thinking about the future, knowing that we’re going to… Read More

Community Health Newham – Triple Aim Project Continues During Covid-19 Crisis

10 June 2020

By Susan Alfred, Improvement Advisor. In the midst of the challenging circumstances of COVID-19 it was good to hear that Community Health Newham’s Triple Aim project team had managed to keep going with the aid of technology.  Where many projects had to take a pause so staff could concentrate fully on the crisis, this triple aim project team (whilst working on COVID-19 priorities themselves) managed not to miss a beat when they quickly reverted to bi-weekly virtual meetings. It has not been… Read More

How I have improved my garden and wellbeing during lockdown

8 June 2020

By Tim Gill, QI Programme Manager In recent years I’ve been trying to make the most of my garden, aiming for a pleasant place to relax and some extra benefits of home grown produce! This photo was taken in June 2018 and it seems I had some potatoes in progress and what looks like young courgette plants in the trough.  … Read More

QI Department ‘ Virtual Pocket QI – Webinar Test’ Cycle 3

8 June 2020

With colleagues and service users spending more time at home during the lockdown, the QI Department decided to offer a ‘Virtual Pocket QI’ webinar every two weeks. People were given the option of staying for the full day or splitting the course across two days, which is how it was previously run in person. The theory was that this would suit those with stamina as well as those who would like time to digest different parts of the course and… Read More

From Face to Face to Virtual – Medical Education’s journey

3 June 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an evolution in the way we deliver training across ELFT. The Medical Education Team are one of many teams that have faced this challenge and have worked rapidly to adapt using a quality improvement approach.   The Problem  Before the COVID-19 pandemic medical staff would have protected time to attend training sessions in person on Wednesday afternoons. However, with rules on… Read More

Lockdown Beginnings

29 May 2020

By Daisy Maradzika, Improvement Advisor Starting a new job always brings about mixed emotions, with a few sleepless hours and possibly a loss of appetite. However, we have all been there and have emerged unscathed, so I knew all would be well. The lock-down had been announced a few weeks before I was due to… Read More

Experiences of starting a job at the NHS from the most southerly tip of Africa

28 May 2020

By Doranne McDonald, Improvement Advisor It is commonly agreed amongst mental health professionals that some of life’s biggest stressors include, moving to a different country, moving to a new house, and starting a new job. Contemplating even one of these major life transitions is enough to aggravate one’s stress level significantly. Having been in the process of doing all three of the above since… Read More

Community Health Services Start ‘Shaping Their Future’

27 May 2020

By Carlos Santos and Susan Alfred, Improvement Advisors Newham, Tower Hamlets and Bedfordshire Community Health Services (CHS) held their introductory ‘Shaping Our Future’ workshop, co-facilitated by members of the ‘quality improvement’, ‘performance’ and ‘people participation’ teams. The virtual workshop was held on Thursday 14th May via Webex, with high energy and eager participation from all… Read More

Using Microsoft Teams Effectively

19 May 2020

By Forid Alom, Head of Improvement Analytics Since Microsoft Teams was made available to the whole NHS through NHS Digital, we have seen a massive upsurge of teams adopting the platform for collaborative working. As we transition into this new era, we face new challenges.   How do we use the platform effectively to manage communications within… Read More

Virtual Carers’ Event

18 May 2020

Applause for the Forensic Service  The Forensic directorate are delighted to have started hosting virtual carers’ events using a virtual video conferencing platform. Carers had been anxious to hear how staff were managing the COVID19 outbreak and what impact it had had on the care for their loved ones. There have been two online events… Read More

Introducing the ELFT Working Well Handy Guide

13 May 2020

The Working Well Handy Guide has been developed to provide a practical bite-sized resource to help support individuals and teams build satisfaction and wellbeing using a Quality Improvement (QI) approach.    This is an ELFT resource that takes learning we have gained from supporting over 40 Enjoying Work project teams over the past 4 years. This… Read More

ELFT ability assists Quality department to make virtual training accessible to all staff

11 May 2020

By Forid Alom, Head of Improvement Analytics Over the past few weeks, ELFT’s Quality department has been supporting the Digital team in providing webinar training and have already run a series of sessions. One of the main challenges for many participants is that it can be difficult to keep up or ask questions during the… Read More

QI Essentials: Shaping our future

7 May 2020

The last few weeks has demonstrated how incredibly dedicated and adaptable we can be, as citizens, service users and workers within the healthcare system. In responding to the enormity of the covid-19 challenge, the speed with which services and staff have changed and prepared has been quite breathtaking. Of course, the urgency of the situation… Read More

QI Department ‘ Virtual Pocket QI – Webinar Test’ Cycle 2

1 May 2020

  By Shuhayb Mohammad Ramjany – Training & Programme Support Officer/Quality Improvement Coach (Corporate) Following on from the first cycle test in March for the ‘Webinar Pocket QI’ some adaptations were made as described in the first PDSA. The theory was that the QI department would be able to successfully conduct the pocket QI course… Read More

Psychology of Change: How BWS Adapted During the Covid 19 Lockdown

29 April 2020

By Catherine Heaney, Improvement Advisor The psychology of change is a vital ingredient in Quality Improvement activities. Human behaviour makes a difference as to whether people are successful in achieving their improvement aims.   The following summary gives an example of the Psychology of Change framework in practice. To quote the IHI framework:  “The psychology of change is the science and art of human behaviour as it relates… Read More

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