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Change Does Not Have to be Wholesale

15 October 2020

how the processes behind the data team evolved by Akkash Purani, Senior Improvement Data Analyst Following on from the story of how internal communication with the QI Department was streamlined, the Data sub-team took this further and began working on their own internal system for communication and standard processes. With a new starter joining the… Read More

Leveraging Microsoft PowerBI to bring our departmental data to life

15 September 2020

By Akkash Purani, Senior Improvement Data Analyst. The QI department have changed their yearly objectives (April-March) to 90-day objectives, allowing them to be more reactive and flexible during the COVID-19 pandemic. This approach is to strengthen   data collection and analysis so that the team can understand and analyse their work during the initial stages of… Read More

Learning Disabilities Psychological Therapies making sense together: What changed during COVID-19?

15 September 2020

By Doranne McDonald and Carlos Santos, Improvement Advisors On 14 July, 2020, members of the Learning Disabilities (LD) Psychological Therapies team from Tower Hamlets, Newham, Hackney, and Bedfordshire & Luton, came together to reflect on their experiences during COVID 19, and the changes their service have had to make as a result. The participants included:… Read More

ELFT’s virtual Quality Improvement (QI) Collaborative with London Healthy Partnership (HLP) Continues Efforts To Reduce HIV Infections in London by 2030

2 September 2020

By Marco Aurelio, Improvement Advisor  In the latest of our series of updates around ELFT’s support of a QI Collaborative, hear about how some of the organisations involved are getting on with their projects  Since the beginning of 2020, twelve organisations have come together five times, as part of a Quality Improvement Collaborative. Two of these sessions were held face-to-face, and three virtually, as a result of    COVID-19.   The most recent events were held on 1 July and 14 August respectively. The aim of these sessions was to understand how the QI projects were progressing; to share learning; and for the organisations… Read More

SHAPING OUR FUTURE: Bedfordshire Inpatient Mental Health achievements under the pressure during Covid-19

25 August 2020

By Sher Kayani, Improvement Advisor The onset of the pandemic and lockdown has undoubtedly had a tremendous impact on the inpatient mental health services. The inpatient teams have been responding to the needs of Covid-19 by making multiple adaptations and innovations in the way they deliver their care. Some of these changes include reconfiguration of… Read More

City and Hackney: Nurturing the roots of change using projects and daily improvement tools during the pandemic

20 August 2020

By Francisco Frasquilho, Senior Improvement Advisor 2021 update: The Mother and Baby Unity (MBU) project team have continued to trial out a new electronic recording system for referrals, seeing a shift downwards in the time taken to process new referrals (an 85% reduction) in September 2020. The team were also planning to test out a… Read More

City and Hackney Centre for Mental Health

Community Health Newham Service Users & Carers Lead the Way

20 August 2020

By Susan Alfred, Improvement Advisor Congratulations to the Community Health Newham (CHN) directorate for delivering two firsts in their directorate on Tuesday 21st July 2020.  With a mixed team of enthusiastic service users, carers and staff the directorate saw – Their first service user/carer inspired and led project officially started and Their first project launch… Read More

A Quality Improvement Approach to DNAnudge/COVID-19 Point-of-Care Testing in Mental Health

14 August 2020

By Jamie Stafford, Senior Improvement Advisor In recent months, a team of staff in Tower Hamlets have begun using Quality Improvement to try and improve Point-of-Care COVID-19 testing, in order to reduce the amount of time service users are required to spend in isolation, thereby improving service user and staff experience. In order to structure… Read More

QI Essentials: More than a set of tools…

11 August 2020

There’s no doubt that quality improvement employs a large set of tools – driver diagrams, statistical process control charts, Pareto charts, force field diagrams, cause and effect diagrams, PDSA cycles, affinity diagrams, flow charts… The list could go on and on. Indeed, one of the comforts that quality improvement brings is the chance to build… Read More

Using Improvement Tools

10 July 2020

“Forensics newsflash! With so much change over the past few months, the Forensics directorate have really had to their utilise improvement tools. They have mapped out the causes and effects of racial inequality using a ‘fishbone diagram’. A ‘sketchnote’ has been drawn to communicate a new quality improvement project. A plan to mitigate the impact of Covid19 has been laid out using… Read More

Shaping the Future of ‘Integrated Discharge Hubs’ in Bedfordshire

8 July 2020

By Michael Mcghee, Carlos Santos, Susan Alfred, Carole Green, Gopal Waddon and Amrus Ali 2021 update: The ‘BCHS Shaping Our Future’ workshops brought staff, service users and partners together to help shape the future of the ‘Integrated Discharge Hubs’ in both Luton & Dunstable and Bedford hospitals. The hubs were set up in all ELFT… Read More

How I have improved my garden and wellbeing during lockdown

8 June 2020

By Tim Gill, QI Programme Manager In recent years I’ve been trying to make the most of my garden, aiming for a pleasant place to relax and some extra benefits of home grown produce! This photo was taken in June 2018 and it seems I had some potatoes in progress and what looks like young courgette plants in the trough.  … Read More

The Quality Assurance Team’s Experience of Recruiting Virtually

24 April 2020

On Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd April the Quality Assurance team followed in the footsteps of the Quality Improvement team in conducting our first set of virtual assessment centre and virtual interviews for 3 new staff members. We took a slightly different approach with Quality Assurance Manager Selina testing Webex and Quality Assurance Manager Ellie testing… Read More

Developing, rapid cycle testing and scaling an idea within a day for PPE ordering

24 April 2020

 By Marco Aurelio, Improvement Advisor              True or false? Using quality improvement methodology is slow, cumbersome and not relevant when dealing with a crisis? Colleagues from the Procurement team, Infection Control, Community Health Newham, Communications and the Quality Improvement department at East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) worked collaboratively to use… Read More

Adapting my home for virtual working

21 April 2020

Hi I am May Sunday, Senior Programme Officer for the ELFT QI Department. Despite the changes that COVID-19 has brought, it was important for me to continue to support the Quality Improvement Department and staff across the Trust in a productive way now more than ever. The pandemic came as a shock to us all… Read More

Morrison Ward’s Daily Improvements during COVID-19

1 April 2020

The wards at the John Howard Centre, in our Forensics Service, are making sure to share good practice with each other during the COVID-19 crisis. For example, they’re all planning ahead in partnership with service users to find out what meaningful activities people would want if they were to be isolated. They’re hearing about skills… Read More

QI data team ‘tests’ virtual assessment centre & interviews

1 April 2020

As with other areas in the trust we must rapidly adapt to the current situation. So, on Wednesday 25th March the QI department conducted our first virtual assessment centre and virtual interviews. Applying improvement methodology enabled learning from this experience, important not only for the department but also the whole trust. Our theory was that we… Read More

Quality Improvement Department ‘tests’ virtual Pocket QI training

30 March 2020

  During March we have all been presented with many differing challenges, one such challenge for the QI Department was to explore how we continue to build skills for QI within ELFT during such a challenging time. As with other areas in the trust we must rapidly adapt to the current situation. So, on the… Read More

QI/QA Department ‘tests’ remote working

23 March 2020

On Friday the 13th March (was that a sign?) we conducted our first ‘test’ of total remote working. Little did we know then that this way of working would quickly become the norm for millions of workers across the globe. It became apparent that we would need to do a longer test. So, based on… Read More

QI-Lite cherry picking techniques and tools

17 March 2020

Using an Appreciative Enquiry with Cancer and Palliative Care Nurses. Dr. Sara Rasool, from Macmillan Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Lead for Community Health Psychology Services. (Beds and Luton), updated the QI Department on how the use of an Appreciative Enquiry helped her and her team reflect at their team Away Day in February. Adopting tools… Read More

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