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Stories from Cohort 4 of Enjoying Work

29 March 2021

If you’re interested in making real improvements and improve the wellbeing and satisfaction of you and your team at work, sign up to an introductory session to Enjoying Work Use the links below to explore these stories: Randomised Coffee Meeting to Tackle Isolation A Cohesive Breakfast Club Improving the Experience of New Starters Using a… Read More

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Improving the New Starter Process with Tower Hamlets Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

24 December 2020

Words and images by Nicola Ballingall, Improvement Advisor This story explains how Tower Hamlets Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) were able to improve their new starter process using QI methods. 2 minutes read time   As part of their work in the Enjoying Work programme, Tower Hamlets Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services… Read More

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The year no-one expected enjoyment in work to increase… yet it did!

15 October 2020

Lived experience of staff in Bedfordshire Wellbeing Service in 2020  by Julia Robson, Sharon Gugerly and Catherine Heaney Read time 2.5 minutes Find out how Bedfordshire Wellbeing Service were able to unexpectedly increase their satisfaction at work during the Covid pandemic and the handful of other surprise benefits that it brought them whilst working in… Read More

Tech Champions – Supporting the Quality Improvement Department with New and Existing Technology

5 August 2020

Figure 1. Tech Champions in the Quality Improvement Department testing new and innovative ways of doing things.In early 2020 not everybody in the Quality Improvement Department was up to speed with the latest software and technology that was available to us. This was exacerbated when the Covid-19 lockdown began, and we needed to find new… Read More

Introducing the ELFT Working Well Handy Guide

13 May 2020

The Working Well Handy Guide has been developed to provide a practical bite-sized resource to help support individuals and teams build satisfaction and wellbeing using a Quality Improvement (QI) approach.    This is an ELFT resource that takes learning we have gained from supporting over 40 Enjoying Work project teams over the past 4 years. This… Read More

Psst….Positive Gossip

22 April 2020

The Luton and Bedfordshire Senior Psychological Therapies team tested ‘positive gossip’ as part of their Enjoying Work project.  The team was feeling very stretched and wanted a creative way to support each other. Two types of communication were included in the definition of ‘positive gossip’: Saying something positive about somebody to someone else, e.g. about… Read More

Congratulations to the latest Improvement Leaders!

4 March 2020

On Tuesday 3rd March the ninth Wave of the Improvement Leaders’ Programme (ILP, formally ISIA) and third Cohort of Enjoying Work came to a close with a graduation and celebration event. Since September 2019 around 140 staff, service users and carers have participated in 8 workshops designed to equip them with the tools and knowledge… Read More

Service Champions and KanBan boards creating Joy in Work for the SPoA Team from Community Health Bedfordshire

21 November 2019

The Single Point of Access Team from Community Health Bedfordshire recently attended the 3rd learning set of the Enjoying Work collaborative learning system with their SPoA project. The SPOA is a new service that has been developed over the past year. The role of the team is to receive referals for all community health services… Read More

Corporate Admin Enjoying Work

17 October 2019

Earlier this month teams from across the Trust came together for the second Enjoying Work learning set, designed to support teams undertaking a QI project focusing on this important area. Teams spent time thinking about change ideas and how they could move forwards with testing these ahead of the next learning set in November. There… Read More

The Specialist Children’s and Young Person’s Service: Joy and Enjoying Work

20 August 2019

23 teams from across the Trust have applied to take part in Cohort 3 of the Enjoying Work Learning System, which will run alongside the Improvement Leaders’ Programme starting in September. The Specialist Children’s and Young Person’s Service (SCYPS) based at West Ham Lane Health Centre are one of these teams. We sat down with… Read More

#ELFTin1Voice performs at Nesta Health 2019

16 July 2019

ELFT’s service user and staff choir group #ELFTin1voice performed at the opening of Nesta Health 2019 – The Future of People Powered Health event, which took place in London on 15 July. The group performed “See me as I am”, by Leanne Sedin and trainee psychiatrist and rapper Mandeep Singh. The piece was specially composed… Read More

Crisis Resolution/Home Treatment teams in Bedford reflect on their Enjoying Work journey

19 February 2019

How do you start an Enjoying Work Quality Improvement project? How do keep team members engaged? How are ideas generated and tested? Learn more in this piece by Emma Myers, Assistant Psychologist and QI Project lead in the Bedford CRHT team. What issues did the project aim to tackle when you first started with this?… Read More

Testing ideas to increase satisfaction: the journey of the Community Children’s Nursing team

18 December 2018

Find out what the Enjoying Work team at the Community Children’s Nursing Service (CCNS) has done so far to increase staff satisfaction and engagement. Words by Rebecca Daniels, Community Children’s Matron. We started the enjoying work project because we wanted to improve our days at work, to improve morale and increase communication across the team…. Read More

Food and humour: Quality Assurance and their journey towards enjoying work

17 December 2018

Read about the how the Quality Assurance team have been impacted by their Enjoying Work project and get inspired by the change ideas they have been testing. Words by Charlie Merrick, Project Lead, and Kay Spearman, Project Team Member. How has having an Enjoying Work project been for you and the team? Charlie Merrick: As… Read More

Enjoying work in the City & Hackney Rehabilitation and Recovery Service

17 December 2018

Running an Enjoying Work project is not always easy. Here’s what the C&H Rehabilitation and Recovery Service have learned and achieved so far. Words by Patricia Simoes, Project Lead. What is your main aim with this project? The main aim is to increase the number of good days reported by staff over a period of six months…. Read More

Business Development Unit: creating meaningful connections

17 December 2018

Read about what motivated the team to start this Enjoying Work project and what they have tested so far in this blog by Lilu Wheeler, Business Development Projects Manager and QI project team leader. The main aim of this Enjoying Work project is for us to feel happier at work. Feeling happier makes for a… Read More

Enjoying Work: Learn from C&H and Business Development Unit teams

19 September 2018

Find out why the City and Hackney Rehabilitation team and the Business Development team have made the decision to focus on improving enjoyment at work and what their experiences have been so far.   Business Development Unit Hear from Lilu Wheeler, Business Development Projects Officer and Enjoying Work Project Lead: Other change ideas being tested… Read More

Enjoying Work – lessons from Learning Set 1

19 July 2018

We are currently running wave 2 of Enjoying Work Learning Sets here at ELFT. A total of 21 teams spread across 11 directorates are taking part. Here’s a summary of Learning Set 1, which took place on 28 June 2018. At the first learning set, we spent some time sharing and thinking together about why… Read More

Enjoying Work – A Trust QI Priority

27 March 2018

Several teams have been testing and helping refine a learning system which brings together methods, resources and peers to help teams work on improving the experience of staff and enable people to enjoy their work. We are now extending this learning system to bring in more teams from across the Trust. Here are the details:     To view the… Read More

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