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The Newham Mental Health Triple Aim Journey of Discovery 2018 to 2021: Revisiting population needs and the impact of social isolation one year after the start of the pandemic.

2 July 2021

By Susan Alfred, Improvement Advisor In late 2018, Newham Adult Mental Health (NAMH) directorate was one of the first directorates in ELFT to begin using the Triple Aim approach to focus on improving the outcomes, experience, and value for a select population. The population chosen was:  “Service users who have had five or more referrals… Read More

Working to Improve Health Outcomes & Reduce Inequalities for Homeless People

1 July 2021

By Sher Kayani, Improvement Advisor The Triple Aim project that aims to improve health outcomes and reduce inequalities for homeless people in the borough of Tower Hamlets is gaining momentum. The team made up of psychologists, assistant psychologists, psychiatrists, and service users from ELFT in addition to the staff and residents of two complex needs… Read More

Leighton Buzzard Restarts its Triple Aim Work to Improve the Health of the Older Population

29 June 2021

By Daisy Maradzika, Improvement Advisor In September 2020, East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) staff, service users and carers came together to improve the health of their local population in Leighton Buzzard. Together, they represented Mental Health, Community and Primary Care Services as well as local partners (Local authority, non-profit organisations, elderly care facilities, Central… Read More

Bedfordshire Wellbeing Service’s Triple Aim QI Project: The Three-Part Data Review

28 June 2021

By Lawrence Chung, Business Manager and Kayleigh Sanders, Trainee Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner 8 minute read This story explains how Bedfordshire Wellbeing Service, known as BWS, have made recent progress in their project on reducing inequalities. They share how they have used data to learn more about their chosen population segment; Asian or Asian British men… Read More

Veterans and Triple Aim: Building Social Opportunities for the Veterans Community

28 June 2021

By Carlos Santos, Improvement Advisor  A veteran is an individual aged 16+ who has previously served at least one day in the UK armed forces, with around 2.4 million currently living in the UK. ELFT has recently signed up to be part of the armed forces covenant, which aims to demonstrate the Trust’s commitment to… Read More

Triple Aim Project Teams Come Together to Share Learning Around Measurement

25 June 2021

By Francisco Frasquilho, Senior Improvement Advisor, ELFT QI On the 16th of June seven teams attended the Triple Aim learning session, bringing together staff, service users and partners from all around the Trust, and beyond, to progress their projects and share learning. Triple Aim is the Trust’s approach to simultaneously improve health outcomes, experiences of… Read More

Triple Aim

Learning from Covid-19: How Bedfordshire Wellbeing Service began a Quality Improvement project about reducing inequalities

17 March 2021

By Catherine Heaney, Improvement Advisor 3-minute read  This story explains how Bedfordshire Wellbeing Service, known as BWS, came to develop their project on reducing inequalities, how they identified these and the next steps to tackling them.  The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated potential inequalities for many, for example older adults with less confidence in digital environments, those who suffer from domestic abuse or perinatal service users for whom physical access to services… Read More

Improving the Health of Homeless Populations in Tower Hamlets – A Triple Aim Project

16 November 2020

co-written by Ché Rosebert, project lead, Louise Noronha and three people with lived experience including Gary Ash   “You have to do something to help the homeless” service users told the Tower Hamlets team in 2018, when they held a listening event for service users. Homeless people have a shockingly low life expectancy in the… Read More

ELFT’s virtual Quality Improvement (QI) Collaborative with London Healthy Partnership (HLP) Continues Efforts To Reduce HIV Infections in London by 2030

2 September 2020

By Marco Aurelio, Improvement Advisor  In the latest of our series of updates around ELFT’s support of a QI Collaborative, hear about how some of the organisations involved are getting on with their projects  Since the beginning of 2020, twelve organisations have come together five times, as part of a Quality Improvement Collaborative. Two of these sessions were held face-to-face, and three virtually, as a result of    COVID-19.   The most recent events were held on 1 July and 14 August respectively. The aim of these sessions was to understand how the QI projects were progressing; to share learning; and for the organisations… Read More

Congratulations to the latest Improvement Leaders!

4 March 2020

On Tuesday 3rd March the ninth Wave of the Improvement Leaders’ Programme (ILP, formally ISIA) and third Cohort of Enjoying Work came to a close with a graduation and celebration event. Since September 2019 around 140 staff, service users and carers have participated in 8 workshops designed to equip them with the tools and knowledge… Read More

Working to improve the quality of life for people with serious mental illness in Hackney

26 February 2020

The City and Hackney initial Triple Aim project looks at improving the quality of life for people who experience serious mental Illness (SMI) in City and Hackney. The triple aim team consists of staff, service users, and community partners to help identify core needs for the serious mental illness (SMI) population, and ways to support… Read More

Triple Aim

Stopping the monster days

26 February 2020

We recently heard about the progress of one of our early triple aim projects that we supported across Tower Hamlets Together, bringing together a range of stakeholders and partners and supporting three projects. Tower Hamlets Together is a group of health and social care organisations working closer together to improve the health and wellbeing of… Read More

Triple Aim – making it manageable

17 October 2019

Reflections from the second Triple Aim support session at ILP Conversation and reflection at the second Triple Aim learning session in the Improvement Leaders’ Programme (ILP) focused on how to get on top of your strategy and make the work feel manageable. All QI work can be tough in this respect, but Triple Aim work… Read More

Building connections and partnerships in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

22 July 2019

Jamie Stafford, Improvement Advisor and Fiona Stockley, Business and Performance manager discuss their project for a population of adolescents at risk of self-harming.   One of the features of the triple aim work that CAMHS are most proud of so far has been engaging with schools and other local stakeholders and building trusting relationships. So… Read More

Directorate updates – Triple Aim

19 July 2019

This month we caught up with project teams across the directorates to check in with all the work they’re doing on Triple Aim projects City and Hackney The City and Hackney Triple Aim team have analysed their three part data review (6 service user and staff interviews, one neighbourhood focus group, neighbourhood case studies, and… Read More

Tower Hamlets and Corporate services: a Triple Aim update

24 April 2019

Triple Aim work is picking up pace in several directorates across East London NHS Foundation Trust. Here are the latest updates from Tower Hamlets and Corporate services.   Tower Hamlets Tower Hamlets as a directorate have chosen to use the Triple Aim framework to improve the quality of life of those who are homeless. With… Read More

Triple Aim work in Newham

24 April 2019

The team in Newham have been busy getting underway with their Triple Aim work looking at improving the lives of those who live in Newham. Here are some thoughts from Ed Lander, Newham Crisis Pathway Project Lead .    Where are we focusing our efforts? Newham’s Triple Aim work is focusing upon a population who… Read More

Three Part Data Review: Learning and Disabilities service in Bedfordshire & Luton

23 April 2019

One of the key steps in using the triple aim approach to improving quality of life for those we serve is a good understanding of assets and needs within the specific population you are working with. The three part data review is the simple, systematic way to start learning about assets and needs. This involves the following… Read More

First triple aim QI projects across the Trust

22 February 2019

In the early stages of the Triple Aim work at ELFT, we welcomed guidance from our strategic partners, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, in a visit in February 2019. Read more about how teams are progressing with this work in this blog by our Improvement Advisor Jen Taylor-Watt.  Teams from across ELFT welcomed Trissa Torres… Read More

Improving population health: What is ELFT doing about it?

29 November 2018

This video is part of our November 2018 newsletter, available here. Our new mission at East London NHS Foundation Trust is to improve the quality of life for all we serve, with a new focus on population health. But what does this mean? Why are we doing this? And how will we get started? Here’s… Read More

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