How to use Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts?

Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts are used to study how a system or process changes over time. It allows us to understand what is ‘different’ and what is the ‘norm’. By using these charts, we can then understand where the focus of work needs to be concentrated in order to make a difference.

We can also use SPC charts to determine if an improvement is actually improving a process and also use them to ‘predict’ statistically whether a process is ‘capable’ of meeting a target. SPC charts are therefore the best tools to determine:

  • The variation that lives in the process.
  • Predict how the process will perform in the future.
  • If our improvement strategies have had the desired effect.
  • Determine if an improvement strategy has sustained the gains.

Here’s the guide:

You can also download the PDF version here >>

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