20 July 2022

Bow ward shortlisted for Nursing Times award

The team on Bow ward have been recently shortlisted for the Nursing Times award. The team have been using QI to improve care for their inpatients and their staff by adopting trauma informed principles, safety, choice, collaboration, trustworthiness, and empowerment. Bow ward is the only all-female adult forensic ward and in addition there was a lack of equity for the women to access the level of health care access that their male counterparts received.  

A multidisciplinary project team including service users came together and have been actively working together for the past 18 months and have used quality improvement methods to work towards their aim to improve patient experience and staff satisfaction by 40% over a 12-month period by December 2022 and to improve uptake of woman centred health care screening. 

Together, the team generated and tested change ideas to improve staff satisfaction and improve equity for their inpatients (figure 1)   

Figure 1

Results have been encouraging with an increase in staff satisfaction in their ‘good day rating by 30% so far, as well as improvements in access to health care and population health screenings for the service users such as improved access to sanitary ware, breast and cervical screening

Good luck to Bow ward and let’s hope they des

ervedly win the award. If you would like to hear about this story in detail, you can watch this 15 min video the team presented to the (Institute for Healthcare Improvement).

Figure 2


Figure 3

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