Brief for Story Publication – Enjoying Work 

For QI Communication & Events Officer Assessment Centre – 17/7/20


The mission of ELFT is to Improve the Quality of Life for all we serve. The QI department supports all of these strategic outcomes in various different ways. In support of Improved Staff Experience the trust has used a Quality Improvement approach in our Enjoying Work programme, enabling teams to explore their wellbeing, generate measures and testable change ideas designed to bring about improvement.  

Since 2018, Enjoying Work has been one of the high priority areas for the QI progamme, and our department have facilitated three cohorts of this learning system, which has enabled nearly 50 teams to focus on improving their enjoyment at work.  

Our third cohort of teams completed the Enjoying Work programme in March 2020 and several teams shared their stories to camera and on project posters. One of these teams was the Senior Psychological Therapies Team our Bedfordshire & Luton service, you can find their story on the QI microsite here >> and project poster here >> 

In 2020 we had to think differently about how to support our teams across the trust with their enjoyment of work and wellbeing, and so we developed an electronically available Working Well Handy Guide, to support teams to make change themselves by following a QI method and using a variety of improvement tools. Later in 2020 a fourth cohort of teams will be invited to join an Enjoying Work improvement collaborative.  

As a QI Communications Officer you will need to engage, inspire and share learning from stories with a variety of different audiences and in multiple formats. That will include videos such as this and sharing through social media, but sometimes the most accessible format for our staff, service users and partners to engage with might be a written blog or article, which they can access without the need for sound or video.  


In this assessment your task is to draft and publish an online article or blog to  inspire teams inside and outside of ELFT to go on their own Enjoying Work journey. This could include learning from the experiences of one of our teams, using the Working Well Handy Guide, or if an ELFT team thinking about putting themselves forward to participate in the Cohort 4 Enjoying Work learning system later this year.  

You have 90 minutes for this task. You do not have to stay on the Zoom call, but you can keep this open with muted sound/video, during the period, in case you need to contact anyone in the QI team about any technical issues.  

At the end of the 90 minutes please ensure your blog is published to an online platform that can be accessed by the QI team, and send an email with the weblink to  

In your email please also include the wording of a Tweet you would compose to highlight your article on the ELFT QI twitter account. 

Please also include your phone number in your email so we can call you back to provide feedback and inform you if you are progressing to the interview stage.  

We look forward to seeing what you produce! 

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