30 May 2023

CAMHS East London Eating Disorders Service (CEDS) – Improving flow and capacity

By Sophia Ulhaq (Associate Clinical Director for CEDS and Crisis Service), Kamel Cheradi (Service Lead), Mark Dalby (Principal Systemic Psychotherapist), Kitty Thanki (Psychiatrist), Alex Bell (Senior Specialist Paediatric Dietician), Lucy Brewer (Improvement Advisor).


How East London Children’s Eating Disorder Service (EL CEDS) improved capacity and flow in their service using quality improvement (QI) methodology.

In this short 4-minute video, the team explain how they understood the issue, some of the successful change ideas they tested and what they have achieved. They also consider the role of early intervention in flow and capacity.

The team created a control chart to display the waiting times from referral to initial assessment, which demonstrates a reduction in the average waiting time.

Figure 1: A X-bar chart displaying the average waiting time from referral to assessment


Watch this short 4-minute video

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