21 March 2014

City & Hackney Home treatment team’s electronic patient board

The electronic patient board allows the City & Hackney Home Treatment Team to identify shift needs quickly and efficiently. Using excel filtering the team can quickly and easily highlight the work load for each shift and organise visits by post code.

Ultimately, the system saves the team time and staff are able to react to the needs of patients more efficiently. The electronic board also allows the team to identify referral frequency per source, both from the current caseload and historic data. The team can therefore see which wards, teams, and doctors are referring to the service and which are not. This knowledge allows the team to proactively target teams and identify reasons for referral, or lack of referral. The board also displays the average number of days patients are with the Home Treatment Tea. The team can start to formulate a baseline by monitoring this number and use it to identify any bottlenecks in the system, which ultimately impacts on patient care.

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