23 April 2020

Co-production and Co-creation in Bedfordshire

By Carlos Santos, Improvement Advisor, Bedfordshire Directorate

Bedfordshire Community Health Services (BCHS) are inviting their wider community to be deeply involved in their Quality Improvement work around COVID-19. As a result, the directorate started testing a great pool of change ideas.


What matters to Staff

It all started when BCHS decided to focus all their energy and enthusiasm for Quality Improvement towards their COVID-19 strategy. The following driver diagram was built in partnership with staff across the Directorate, reflecting what matters to the staff involved in the COVID-19 work.


What matters to Service Users

In order to understand what matters to our service users, a survey was submitted to patients and their carers and friends, and here are the main themes across the responses:

What is next

As a next step, a series of co-production meetups via WebEx are due to take place.  These aim to bring together service users, carers and friends’ voices, leading the way for co-creation and collaboration in Quality Improvement.

The initial meeting will occur on the 1st May – watch this space for other exciting news.

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