16 January 2015

Congratulations to all graduates of the Wave 1 QI training.

The Wave 1 graduation day in December was a perfect opportunity for everyone to share the learning from their QI projects and graduate with our bespoke IHI ‘Improvement Science in Action‘ qualification.

In the spirit of “all teach, all learn” the Wave 1 trainees presented their QI project work to everyone else in the group. Special guests on the day included Chief Executive Dr Robert Dolan and visitors from the Scottish Patient Safety programme who joined us to learn about the work our Wave 1 pioneers have undertaken so far, and share their experiences of running a mental health quality improvement programme across Scotland.

It was a fantastic day capped by a special video message from Bob Lloyd at the IHI who has led much of this first wave of training, and the brilliant work by More than Minutes who captured the day and all QI projects using colourful illustrations.

Congratulations to all the below for achieving their Improvement Science in Action qualification and for the innovative quality improvement work they have delivered for patients so far.

More than minutes combined

More than minutes artwork (click on image to expand)

 [wpvideo pj6pVncU]

Class of Wave 1 Graduates

Abi Harris
Alison O’Reilly
Amjed Hossain
Amra Rao
Andrea Corby
Andrea Okoloekwe
Andy Cruickshank
Bisi Oshinbolu
Carole Taylor
Caroline Dowsett
Caroline Methuen
Cathy McCarthy
Charan Herh
Claire McKenna
Dean Henderson
Diane Hull
Eirlys Evans
Evangelia Theochari-Boateng
Eyong Besong
Frank Rohricht
Gabrielle Faire
Genevieve Holt
Hannah Debenham
Hasan Cagirtgan
Iain Pryde
Ishrat Love-Chowdury
Itai Chikomo
Jennie Persson
Jennifer Melville
Jenny Dusoye
Johanna El-Tohami
John Babalola
Jonathan Warren
Juliette Brown
Kemi Downer
Kimalee Foster
Linda Buwembo-Musoke
Louis Golding
Mark Pattison
Martina Watson
Navina Evans
Odud Miah
Parwez Jehee
Paul McLauglin
Peter Daby
Peter Sheils
Priscilla Kent
Priti Patel
Rachel Trimmer
Rafik Refaat
Rahul Bhattacharya
Sarah Gowling
Sarah Heke
Shalini Daryanani
Shelley Booth
Sian Davies
Stephen Sandford
Steve Newton
Susan Murray
Susham Gupta
Syeda Tahir
Tim Gill
Toby Nathan
Tom Richardson
Tony Anyaegbu
Tsana Rawson
Von De Viel
Waleed Fawzi
Wiktor Kulik
Zara Hosany
Zelpha Kittler

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