17 October 2019

Corporate Admin Enjoying Work

Earlier this month teams from across the Trust came together for the second Enjoying Work learning set, designed to support teams undertaking a QI project focusing on this important area.

Teams spent time thinking about change ideas and how they could move forwards with testing these ahead of the next learning set in November. There was a focus on the quick wins that teams may want to test out, these included ideas such as communication boards or Kanban boards to improve visibility and communication in their teams.

The Corporate Administration Team based at Robert Dolan House are one of the 19 teams across the Trust undertaking this work. Nicola McCoy, Team Lead, explained that the team had a number of reasons for wanting to focus their QI project on Enjoying Work and explains how they have used a visibility wall in their work so far.

‘We wanted to make the link between the work we undertake as a team and the wider strategic priorities of the Trust, to make this more visible we created a visibility wall in our office space so everyone could clearly see this connection. We felt that the project would provide us with the opportunity to build on this further and connect everyone with the meaning of our work’.

‘There has also been a lot of change within our team and we felt that this project would provide us with the opportunity to get to know each other better, we wanted to feel like more than just people behind computer screens in an office. We wanted to get to know each other on a personal level and share our individual work skills that others in the team may not be aware of and for others to get to know us better both professionally and personally. We have now created an ‘Enjoyment at Work’ visibility wall to share some of our individual stories’.

The Team are now developing their driver diagram with the support from their QI coach and are looking forward to testing out some change ideas over the coming weeks. If you are visiting Alie street in the next few weeks pop up to level 5 and have a peak at the team’s wall!

The team and their Visibility Wall

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