19 July 2018

Enjoying Work – lessons from Learning Set 1

We are currently running wave 2 of Enjoying Work Learning Sets here at ELFT. A total of 21 teams spread across 11 directorates are taking part. Here’s a summary of Learning Set 1, which took place on 28 June 2018.

At the first learning set, we spent some time sharing and thinking together about why this focus on staff experience of work is so important. There was a strong sense that wherever your team are in the organisation, they are not alone in wanting to improve in this area and we all want the same things for ourselves and our colleagues.

Have a look at the video below, which has a summary of what  things will be like when most staff can have a good day every day:

The learning sets take place a few weeks apart so teams have time to work on their projects. Watch this space for more news on their progress.

If you want to learn more about Enjoying Work as a Trust priority area please visit this page.

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