In April 2020 the IHI/BMJ International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare comes to Denmark. Alongside this, we would like to invite those people working in mental health services (inpatient and community) with an interest in quality improvement to the 5th annual mhimprove network meeting on Tuesday 28th April.

Join us at the DGI Byen – Conference Centre (Tietgensgade 65, Copenhagen, 1704) from 09:30 for registration and refreshments.

Register with us now using the form below.

The cost of participation is £45 (approx. €50 or 400 Danish Kr.). This payment covers the cost of the venue hire/refreshments. All organisational work and participation on the day is voluntary.
At last year’s meeting we had 120 people from 14 different countries, including Australia, Singapore, Mexico and Canada. We aim to attract up to 180 people this year from even more countries. Therefore, we ask that you share the information about the meeting (and the hashtag #mhimprove) with AT LEAST TWO PEOPLE you know who may be interested – wherever they are in the world! This helps spread the word about the meeting and the work of people in the network.

About the meeting:

The network meeting constitutes a unique opportunity to access international knowledge and experience related to improving the quality and safety of mental health services. We aim to attract participants from around the globe, so we can share and learn about new and existing improvement work in the field of mental health. Many of the participants at the meeting are engaged in some of the most innovative improvement work being undertaken globally, often in some of the most challenging settings possible.

A key component of the meeting is to establish or maintain relationships with colleagues from around the world.

Topics for presentation & discussion include:

Using the ‘Joy in Work’ and the ‘Safe, reliable and effective care’ frameworks in mental health settings, plus – Trauma Informed Care, restraint reduction, suicide reduction, psychological safety, co-production, physical health of mental health patients, building organisational infrastructure and capacity, and much, much more…
PLUS: The keynote speaker at this year’s meeting will be Maureen Bisognano, IHI’s President Emerita and Senior Fellow

Participation in the event:

If you would like to share your work (based on the topics above or something else), please contact Simon Tulloch in the organising team by Friday 28th February (at the latest).

There are three options:

a) a short presentation (10 mins)
b) a poster
c) a ‘storyboard’

NB: These can be either ‘completed projects’ or ‘work-in-progress’. We are particularly keen to share work which has been led by or involves service users, family or carers.

Please find contact details in the side menu.


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