Traditionally the ability to build, develop and create solutions to solve organisational challenges has sat solely in the realms of IT. Functions outside of IT would approach the department, with a set of requirements, with some possible ideas, but would then largely leave IT to put something together.

Low-Code & No-Code development is democratising the ability to build, develop and create solutions within organisations, taking pressure of IT, and empowering those enthusiastic, proactive, “get stuck in and have a go” individuals throughout an organisation to start building, developing and creating solutions to solve local challenges.

By the end of this masterclass you will have a foundation and an understanding of Microsoft’s low-code / no-code Power Platform, the technologies which form the platform, and how it can be used to solve:

  • A reliance on heavy amounts of paper within organisational processes
  • Duplication of data entry across systems that you wish to speak to each other
  • Reduce dependencies on large numbers of individual applications – a shift towards a Platform approach
  • Improve data capture and ensure that data analysis is an option for all organisational processes

Ahead of the session, we suggest you come with an open mind, enthusiasm and your thinking caps on so that by the end of the Masterclass you have an idea of how a low-code and no-code platform could be used to transform processes at East London NHS Foundation Trust