Join us for a Story-telling Masterclass with Jessica Perlo (Network Director at Institute for Healthcare Improvement) on Tuesday 7th January, 3.30 – 5.00pm. The first of it’s kind this virtual masterclass is open to everyone and will be taught remotely via locations across the Trust.

This interactive workshop is based on the teachings of Marshall Ganz, the man who devised Barack Obama‘s grassroots organising model in 2008, and will leave any attendees feeling they have a full grasp and strong ability in public narrative.

Jessica will offer an overview of how to use story-telling to motivate and encourage your audience, be they your staff members, colleagues or peers.

The Masterclass will be delivered by WebEx with several locations available across the Trust, plus the ability to log in remotely from wherever you are based. If you would like to attend please complete the form below, we then send you further details on how you can join a group or connect using you’re own technology.

Ahead of the session we suggest you should come ready to craft and share stories of self and others, you can use the this worksheet to help get started>>

Learning Objectives:

  • To explain why story-telling matters
  • To understand how the leadership practice of public story-telling works
  • To develop your own public stories to tell and to coach others in theirs
  • To identify opportunities to apply story telling in your leadership work