Wave 3 Graduates Edit

Congratulations to all Wave 3 ISIA delegates who graduated on 27 November 2015

All Wave 3 graduates are listed below, please click on the project name to find out more about the QI projects they have been working on:

Project Name



Project Name


Improving the NHS England Reported IAPT Recovery Rate for Richmond Wellbeing Service Ben Wright, Ben Watson Increasing StatMan Training Compliance Olga Gorbaciova
Improving access to Chronic Fatigue service Elissa, Shameem, Helen, Areti Prison transfer times Paul Gilluley
Improve team function and morale Emma Teper Increasing Monthly Clinical Supervision Rate Sanjiv Luckhea
Improving Service User Engagement Francisco Frasquilho Improving access to THEIS Sarah Dracus, Sam Rickwood
Newham Child and Family Consultation Service ‘Front Door Project’ Freya Gill, Georgina Hawkes, Hannah Bateman, Dermot Ryall Band 3 & 4 Specialised PICU Training Selina Hossain
Reducing waiting times in secondary care PTS Gayla Smith, Helen Healy, Lorna Campbell, Ravi Rana, Tamsin Black Reducing waiting times in the Newham Memory Service Tom Smith
Autism Carers’ Group Attendance Jessie Atack CH CHMT Waiting times project Tony Madden, Steve McWilliam, Hugh Grant-Peterkin, Derek Miller, Andrew Haynes
Reducing DNA Rates in Tower Hamlets Adult CMHTs Julie Doe Improving Access to The Patient Booking Service Warren De Souza
Are you listening? QI Complaints Project Karamjeet Chana, John Louis Kauzeni Reducing Restraints on West Ferry Ward Neil Lad, Gwen Dandato Dadai, Shaun Wright
For all (100%) of housebound patients to receive their products within 4 weeks of referral by March 2016 Kelly Gale Cardiovascular mortality prevention in NAFOS Carlos Gonzalez
Improving ASD Interventions in CAMHS Laura Roughan Occupational Therapy QI project – Newham Clare Merrell, Omulola Adegbanjo
Reducing the length of time it takes to complete the disciplinary process Lisa Baker, Angela Anyanwu Alcohol screening in caseload of the integrated care mental health liaison team Georgina Birch
To Improve the discharge experience from Joshua ward Lisa Rajan, Maxine Sacks Physical Monitoring Where Antipsychotic Medication is Given in City and Hackney CAMHS Harriet Stewart
‘Lean on’ Rio Lisbeth , Yemi Physical Health and monitoring in ADHD Helen Bruce, Regina Sala
Ruby Triage Ward – Improving Admission Process Lorraine Armstrong-Esther, Sophia Mehnaz Recording, Recognising & Responding to Physical Health Jackie Goodlock, Carol Shannon
Tower Hamlets Home Treatment Team HTDS Project Loretta McQueen Improving Physical Health Monitoring in CMHT CPA Patients Kazuya Iwata
Tower Hamlets Centre for Mental Health Therapies Project Louise Blanks, Julie Branton Reduction of drug costs at East Ham Care Centre Manpreet Saini
Enhanced Intermediate Care Team (ICT) services using video assessment (SKYPING) Mahmood Diloo Physical health care in first episode psychosis Savitha Eranthi
Paper light on Rosebank Ward Mahmoodah Khanom Reducing Boredom on Ruth Seifert Ward Suzanne, Ade, Robert
Providing Paediatric SLT service and advice tips for users in Barnet Mav Ghalley Rationalisation of Psychotropic Medication for Patients with Borderline Personality Disorder Tennyson Lee
To increase % CPA completed in time Michael Marin Reducing incidents of pressure ulcers Timi Ogunlowo
Mindfulness for Staff in Newham MHCOP Michelle Hamill Reducing Inpatient Violence Charlotte Malcolm
Challenging tradition: The impact of cancelling/reducing Section 17 leave on aggression and violence Hannah Woodford

Training Schedule

Pre-call with workshop participants:

  • 15th June 2015

3 day improvement workshop:

  • 22 – 24 June 2015 @ Hackney Town Hall

Post-workshop calls (1 hour each)

  • Call 1 by WebEx – 13th July 2015
  • Call 2 by WebEx – 2nd September 2015
  • Call 3 by WebEx – 22nd September 2015

Learning sets (to share progress on projects and add more theory)

  • Learning Set 1 – 31st July 2015
  • Learning Set 2 – 27th November 2015