Training Schedule

Pre-call with workshop participants:

  • Tuesday 16th August 2016, 4.00 – 5.00pm

3 day improvement workshop:

  • Wednesday 14 to Friday 16 September 2016. All 3 days will be 9.00 – 5.00pm
  • Venue: UK Centre for Carnival Arts, 3 St Mary’s Road, Luton, LU1 3JA


(Parking is available in the area and delegates can claim back the charges)

Post-workshop calls (1 hour each)

  • Call 1 by WebEx – Monday 31 October 2016, 4.00 – 5.00pm
  • Call 2 by WebEx – Thursday 15 December 2016, 4.00 – 5.00pm
  • Call 3 by WebEx – Monday 20th February 2017, 4.00 – 5.00pm

Learning sets (to share progress on projects and add more theory)

  • Learning set 1 – 21 November 2016,  9.00 – 5.00pm
  • Learning set 2 – 14 March 2017, 9.00 – 5.00pm
  • Venue: Park Inn by Radisson, 2 St Mary’s St, Bedford MK42 0AR

Pre-workshop Open School Modules

IHI Open School button


All participants need to complete the following online modules in advance of the ISIA 3-day workshop.

To enrol please visit the Open School page on the microsite 

Use this guide to work your way through the set up – Your guide to the Open School

Please note:

  • Courses highlighted in PURPLE are ones recommended for individuals just beginning to learn about the Science of Improvement.
  • Courses highlighted in GREEN are ones recommended for individuals who have a basic understanding of the Science of Improvement and want to gain a deeper understanding of key concepts, tools and methods. 


QI 102: The Model for Improvement: Your Engine for Change

Lesson 1: An Overview of the Model for Improvement

Lesson 2: Setting an Aim

Lesson 3: Measuring

Lesson 4: Developing Changes

Lesson 5: Testing Changes

QI 103: Measuring for Improvement

Lesson 1: Measurement Fundamentals

Lesson 2: Displaying Data

Lesson 3: Learning from Measures

QI 104: Putting It All Together: How Quality Improvement Works in Real Health Care Settings

Lesson 1: The Life Cycle of a Quality Improvement Project: Innovation, to Pilot, to Implementation, to Spread

QI 106: Level 100 Tools

Lesson 1: Using Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Cycles (Part 1)

Lesson 2: Using Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Cycles (Part 2)