The Improvement Leaders’ Programme (ILP) is designed to develop the improvement skills of staff and service users and help them apply the QI method and tools to complex problems. This 5-day course occurring monthly includes a mix of interactive teaching and action learning sets to guide participants to become skilled improvement leaders in the application of the Model for Improvement.

The requirements to attend the ILP, in view of the time commitment include:

  • ELFT staff need approval from their line manager to attend and service users from their local People Participation Lead.
  • In addition, the applicant must be able to apply the learning to an active QI project.

If you can fulfil the criteria, please submit your application using the form below. An update of ELFT staff and service users’ applications will be shared at their directorate’s QI Forum which coordinates support around each project.

We also have limited spaces for colleagues from strategic partner organisations which are pre-arranged between their organisations and ELFT.

The dates and structure of the course are listed below. The deadline for applications has now closed.



Five full days of workshops:

Day 1: 

  • Workshop – 30 November 2021 @ Holiday Inn – Bloomsbury

Day 2: 

  • Workshop – 25th January 2022 @ Venue 360 Luton

Day 3: 

  • Workshop – 22nd February 2022 @ Holiday Inn – Bloomsbury

Day 4:

  • Workshop – 22nd March 2022@ Venue 360 Luton

Day 5:

  • Workshop – 26th April 2022@ Venue 360 Luton