27 June 2019

How are you using your QI skills?

Did you know that over 2000 people have now undertaken QI training at ELFT?  And nearly 1000 are currently involved in QI projects to tackle some of the organisation’s most complex problems.  That amounts to a lot of people using their QI skills!

Using the structure of a QI project is the best method for teams to come together and discover solutions to some of our most complex problems.  At ELFT we use the systematic method provided by the Model for Improvement to enable those closest to the problem to test and learn their way to these solutions.  By registering their QI project, a project team gains a wide range of support from a QI coach, QI sponsor, as well as their local QI Forum and Life QI for the lifetime of their project.

But QI is about more than just projects.  It’s about a culture of improvement, where each and every one of us has a role to play in improving the quality of life for those we serve.  And a really big part of this is practising our QI skills and behaviours, helping continually identify challenges and improve processes every single day, be every single person.

There are so many opportunities to apply your QI skills at ELFT.  Whether it’s using QI tools to better understand am issue, better understanding variation using a run or control chart, or even teaching others about QI.

Here are a selection of examples of how people are applying their QI skills across the organisation…




Below is an interactive dashboard providing detail of how far our training has reached within our organisation.

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