20 November 2019

IHI Annual visit 2019 – Highlights and Progress

This October we were delighted to welcome our partners from the IHI to The Trust for their annual three day visit.

This was the 6th annual IHI visit. This year we welcomed Derek Feeley, President and CEO, Trissa Torres, Chief Operations Officer and Pedro Delgado, Head of Europe and Latin America to The Trust


Over their three day visit, Derek, Trissa and Pedro offered invaluable support and guidance to a variety of teams across the directorates, met with QI Coaches and Sponsors and sat down with our QI Department. The trio managed to meet with hundreds of staff, service users and carers, you can see an overview of what they did and where they met below.

At the end of their visit we sat down with Derek, Pedro and Trissa to ask them how they found their visit, any highlights they had and what progress they had noticed. You can see the full interview here. 




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