26 March 2019

Initiative to Increase Engagement with BAME Population

Colleagues at Luton’s Memory Assessment Service are working to improve the engagement and experience of people from BAME communities.

Engagement with the South Asian community, the second largest ethnic group in the area after the white British population, is now possible through the creation and distribution of multilingual leaflets to local GPs and wellbeing groups.

The initiative uses the Quality Improvement (QI) method under the lead of Dr Jeannette Fuller, Clinical Psychologist at Luton Older People’s CMHT and Assistant Psychologist Bianca Nardini.

‘The experience has helped our team better understand and engage the South Asian population in our community’ says Jeannette.

We are continuing with our project and using the resources we have to keep the South Asian populations informed and aware of the Memory Assessment Service’

The project aims to improve the engagement and experience of the South Asian population within the Luton Memory Assessment Service by September 2019  by increasing engagement rates from 14% to 26% to reflect the diversity of the local population.

‘The next change idea is to organise in-person information events for the South Asian population with members of the memory service as well as with the Alzheimer’s society.’

ELFT uses Quality Improvement (QI) to tackle complex issues by following structured steps which include understanding the problem, developing a strategy and ideas for change, testing and analysing data.

Click here to learn more about the ELFT QI method.

If you are part of ELFT and want to learn more about this project, please access Life QI – Project Code 109622

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