25 January 2018

Life QI: the central hub for Quality Improvement projects

Forid Alom, Quality Improvement Data Manager.

The platform links projects from across the trust and is a powerful learning tool. Words by Forid Alom, Quality Improvement Data Manager.

East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) has been using the Life QI platform since June 2015 to manage our Quality Improvement (QI) portfolio. Projects are proposed, approved and worked on through the platform. We have over 150 active projects taking place across 11 directorates.

One of the biggest barriers to QI is the technical issues behind some of the tools. Drawing a driver diagram on PowerPoint can be pretty tricky. Creating a SPC chart can be very complex unless you have specialised software (which can be very pricey). The Life QI platform allows you to use all these QI tools effortlessly allowing you to focus on what matters: the improvement work.

Example of a Driver Driagram. Please click on the image to enlarge it.

The platform acts as a central hub for storing all the projects information. Whether it is storing historic copies of the driver diagram or previous PDSA cycles, everything can be stored and easily found on the platform. The learning is never lost.

Project team members can also work together on their project. ELFT staff, service users and carers can actively communicate with each other using the discussion forums. Life QI is a public website so as long as you are registered to the platform you can use it from anywhere. No more being restricted to the Trust network.

Example of an SPC Chart. Please click on the image to enlarge it.

One of the greatest features of the platform is its charting functionality. With a click of few buttons, you can create any SPC chart and share it with your team. The platform highlights the special causes for you so you can just focus on entering your data and understand what it is telling you.

The Life QI platform is an integral part of ELFT’s learning system. Any ELFT staff member/service user can sign up and view projects taking place across the trust. You can filter our specific themes or specific areas you’re interested in. The platform is used nationally, allowing users to also learn from projects taking place in other trusts. It’s a great platform for making learning accessible.

Access Life QI here.

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