6 May 2016

QI & The CQC

Qi & CQC visit

Remember to display your work!

With the Trust’s CQC inspections just around the corner, a good question to ask is how can your Quality Improvement work help?

It’s important to start by recognising the fact that assurance (audit and CQC inspections) and Quality Improvement are different sides of the same coin.  Neither can survive without each other.  We set minimum standards and inspect, to assure ourselves that the processes in place are adequate for what they were designed to do.

If they are not, or we are just not happy with that level of performance, then we use QI to take performance to a better level.  Once this is finished, we then move back to an assurance based approach to make sure things stay where they should be.

So that’s the theory, but how do we do this practically during the CQC visit next month? 

  1. Your QI work should be something you talk about and will help demonstrate you are a well led, continuously reflecting and improving service.
  2. Displaying your QI work can also be extremely powerful.  Some wards and teams have chosen to use display boards to showcase both their assurance and QI work.

Don’t forget to use any QI project posters that you have created!

The CQC will be visiting ELFT from the 13th June – 24th June 2016

For more information about the CQC and what they do look here>>

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