24 May 2018

Service user ownership: lifestyle improvement project on Woodberry Ward

Courtenay Gilchriest

Learn more about how service users take the lead in this lifestyle improvement project in the video below. introduction by Courtenay Gilchriest, Support Staff.

The Lifestyle Improvement Project was introduced on Woodberry Ward (a low secure rehabilitation unit), to tackle the day-to-day physical health challenges and sedentary behaviours that arise within an inpatient setting.

From day 1, we implemented a QI meeting every Wednesday for 30 minutes, where we basically did the ‘plan’ and ‘study’ parts of a PDSA – both staff and service users together. As the project is for the service users and about service users, we felt it was vital to include them in every decision made.

Our initial stance was to monitor physical health observations and monitor change, however our service users weren’t interested in this at all and so we changed to focusing on fun physical activity and monitoring attendance levels and the amount of time each activity runs for.

Our engagement levels from staff and service users has been phenomenal and we currently provide, on average, 160 minutes of moderate physical activity per week (through walking groups, basketball group, football group and stretching sessions), beating the government recommendation of 150 minutes!


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