20 September 2017

Shaping Recovery in the Community

Since the start of 2017 the Trust has been working alongside pilot sites in Tower Hamlets and Newham looking at improving the ways we deliver patient centred care. Each team began with a number of appreciative inquiry workshops around what they value in terms of patient care and what gets in the way, what “grinds their gears”. From this work each team is developing their own focus. For example, the Isle of dogs is looking at developing systems that help the flow of activity into and within their teams, in order to look at reducing work that doesn’t add value to the patient’s experience, and making space to increase recovery focused work. Our Newham test site is also looking at the nature of their activity and ways to identify what works well and increase this.

As part of the wider Trust priority we are looking to work alongside other teams who are developing recovery focused training, as well as looking at ways to use the new eCPA and DIALOG+ tools guide and support activity.

Some changes being tested with these teams are different ways of managing referrals screening and assessment, looking at daily team huddles and use of a central information board to support team decisions. We have also been sharing experiences and learning across other priorities, such as the Enjoying Work projects. The Isle of Dogs team have started to look at how this can improve service users and staffs experience of our community teams.

We looking forward to working with more teams to look at ways to improve staff and service user’s satisfaction with the care we deliver, and continue the conversations around this. We are also very excited about hearing from service users and teams around ways to take this forward and will be focusing on this in the coming months.


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