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Reducing Falls on Sally Sherman Ward

Posted: 14 June 2024 By Rosca Marange (Ward Manager), Tracy Connellan (Interim Deputy Lead Nurse), Happy Khatun (Activities Manager), Ngalita Mbelo (Inpatient Therapies Clinical Lead) and Clarissa Sørlie (Improvement Advisor) In September 2022, Sally Sherman ward identified that they had the highest number of falls in the Trust. The ward provides continuing care to people who have dementia and... Read More

Re-using walking aids in Newham

Posted: 11 June 2024   In this video, the Musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapy team in Newham share how they used quality improvement to reuse walking aids. This has reduced their carbon footprint and cost to their service, and improve patient satisfaction.    

Improving Identification of Informal Carers in Tower Hamlets

Posted: 11 June 2024 Authors: Emma Robinson (Deputy Lead Nurse and End of Life Lead) and Clarissa Sørlie (Improvement Advisor) Our Trust strategy at ELFT emphasises the importance of recognising and supporting informal carers and including them in discussions about patient care. According to Carers UK, one in seven people in the workplace are juggling work and caring responsibilities,... Read More

ELFT Quality Open Morning – November 2024

Posted: 10 June 2024 Spend a morning with us and learn more about: How the organisation is applying systematic continuous improvement to tackling complex quality issues in mental health and community services, hearing directly from the teams leading improvement work How the organisation has integrated assurance, planning, improvement and quality control as part of the quality management system How patients,... Read More

The ABCs of Improving Communication with GPs

Posted: 6 June 2024 By Dr Alex Harborne (Clinical Director) and Clarissa Sørlie (Improvement Advisor)   Ask for feedback Bypass number audits Connectivity at meetings Digital improvements Engage in place-based events   When Dr Alex Harborne joined Tower Hamlets Community Health Services (CHS) as Clinical Director in 2022, she heard the same story from every team she met: a... Read More

The IHI Board Visit Tower Hamlets Community Health Services

Posted: 31 May 2024 Written by Tejinder Seehra (Senior Executive Assistant) and Clarissa Sørlie (Improvement Advisor) Ten years ago, ELFT embarked on a partnership with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), an organisation that works across 42 countries to address complex challenges in health and healthcare using improvement methods. On 9th April 2024, Tower Hamlets Community Health Services (CHS)... Read More

Ep 9 Future of Healthcare Improvement | Celebrating 10 years of QI at ELFT

Posted: 30 May 2024 Explore the future of healthcare improvement with Dr Kedar Mate, CEO and President of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Reflect on the evolution in the way we have practised improvement over the past 100 years, from Codman’s ‘Minimum Standard’, through the co-evolution of evidence-based medicine and iterative cycles of change, to an era of collaborative... Read More

Ep 8 The future of improvement science | Celebrating 10 years of QI at ELFT

Posted: 30 May 2024 Explore how we see Quality Improvement as a science developing in future. Join a discussion hosted by Dr Amar Shah, Chief Quality Officer at East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT), and Pedro Delgado, Vice President at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), featuring Pierre Barker, Chief Scientific Officer at the IHI, and Peter Margolis, Co-Director... Read More

Ep 7 Improving across a whole system | Celebrating 10 years of QI at ELFT

Posted: 30 May 2024 Discover how we can take Quality Improvement outside of healthcare, and support partner organisations to adopt an improvement approach. Join a discussion featuring Dr Amar Shah, Chief Quality Officer at ELFT, and Professor Jason Leitch, National Clinical Director in the Scottish Government, as they explore the topic of improving across a whole system. Professor Jason... Read More


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