13 May 2014

Stopping Work of Lower Value

The QI programme is about working differently, not harder.  In order to be able to truly focus on quality we are encouraging everyone to think about how to work differently and challenge the status quo, driven by what matters most to our patients and staff.

In May Dr Navina Evans, Director of Operations, wrote to all staff inviting every team to identify one or more activities that currently provide little value to patients or staff, that could be stopped.

Navina recommended that all team members are consulted about this, and that patients, carers and families are involved in identifying activities that they feel add little to their care.  Once teams have agreed things they would like to stop, ideas can be electronically Stopping work of lower value podcastsubmitted by the 30th June.   A panel of service users and staff will review all the ideas and the results will be fed back to the Trust in September.

View the podcast and find out more here


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