23 April 2019

Three Part Data Review: Learning and Disabilities service in Bedfordshire & Luton

One of the key steps in using the triple aim approach to improving quality of life for those we serve is a good understanding of assets and needs within the specific population you are working with. The three part data review is the simple, systematic way to start learning about assets and needs. This involves the following three parts:

  • Using easily available data about service use, demographics and prevalence (e.g. Prevalence of a condition, admissions to AE, GP visits etc.)
  • ​Gathering information directly from people that are part of the population of interest
  • Gathering information from people that work with or support people within the population (medical services, social care, informal carers, third sector organisations etc.)

Below is a video from the Learning and Disabilities service in Bedfordshire & Luton who have undertaken and finished their three part data review. The team are working with a population of people prescribed anti-psychotics and  have learning disabilities. In the video you can hear more about their work, how they did their three part data review and what’s next for them.

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