14 April 2020

Continuing Improvement in Forensics

By Nicola Ballingall, Improvement Advisor, Forensics Directorate

Building on the story we recently shared from Morrison Ward at the John Howard Centre about how they are sharing good practice with each other during the COVID-19 crisis, find out how QI coaches are using improvement tools across the Forensics Directorate.

Despite all the changes and challenges that COVID-19 has brought us, the Forensics coaches agreed, “we don’t want to stop our improvement”.

The QI initiatives still mean as much to service users as ever, so we met virtually to work through some of the difficulties the directorate is facing. We used improvement tools to help in our approach to four new problems.

We used sketch notes to capture the discussion and learning from our most recent meeting of coaches. It was good fun the team enjoyed the process.

Find our notes below, maybe this is something you can try too!


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