16 July 2019

#ELFTin1Voice performs at Nesta Health 2019

ELFT’s service user and staff choir group #ELFTin1voice performed at the opening of Nesta Health 2019 – The Future of People Powered Health event, which took place in London on 15 July. The group performed “See me as I am”, by Leanne Sedin and trainee psychiatrist and rapper Mandeep Singh. The piece was specially composed ahead of the ELFT Quality Conference earlier this year. The tune touches on collaboration between service users and healthcare professionals and also includes an improvised rap by Mandeep.

Here are some short videos from the performance:


Dr Paul Gilluley, ELFT’s Chief Medical Officer, was also present at the event and shared a little bit about ELFT’s improvement journey with the audience . Nesta is an innovation foundation based in the UK and Nesta Health 2019 was an action-orientated day to bringing together leaders from across the health system.

You can learn a bit more about how we use arts at ELFT here.


(Featured image by @robinfromcamhs on Twitter)

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