20 July 2022

How Newham Mental Health directorate are pursuing equity

By Catherine Heaney, Improvement Advisor, ELFT QI

Three teams in Newham Adult Mental Health services, are working to pursue equity for those they serve using Quality Improvement (QI) methods as part of the ELFT Pursuing Equity Programme. In this story you can find some short video clips from these teams describing the focus of their work. You can hear what they are tackling and why it is important, as well as how using QI approaches can be of value and what it is like to be part of a community at ELFT, collectively working towards equity for all (10 min read and watch) 

The Newham Afro-Caribbean and Asian community 

Leah Simon, Clinical Associate in Psychology in training 

In this clip you can hear from Leah on how they are working to support improving outcomes and access for The Newham Afro- Caribbean and Asian Community. Hear how they spent time to listening what matters to the community and what ideas they have to make things better. Finally, Leah describes how the support of the QI learning sessions and the Pursuing Equity community in ELFT will be of benefit to the work they are doing. 

Perinatal support for fathers and carers 

Nadia Haque, Senior Commissioning Manager, Community Mental Health Transformation Programme 

In this video clip Nadia describes how they are working to support equity for fathers and carers in perinatal peer support work and why that matters. Hear how being part of the pursuing Equity programme has been helpful to foster community and connections as well as some of her learning about driver diagrams  

Access to Psychiatric Intensive Care Units for female service users 

George Chingosho, Borough Lead Nurse for Newham  

In this video clip George describes the focus of Pursuing Equity improvement work on Emerald Ward, led by Gloria Kolo, Ward Manager. George describes why this is an important topic to be working on and the benefits he sees from using QI and being part of the ELFT Pursuing Equity Community  

If you would like to learn more about health equity and how we are supporting teams at ELFT to use QI approaches, please visit our collection. 

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