20 April 2017

My QI Story

Hello, I’m Erayna, Chair of the Service User and Carer Quality Improvement Steering group, I just wanted to write a quick blog to introduce myself, tell you more about how I got involved and how you can too.

Going back a couple of years I started hearing more about QI at the Trust. These two very simple words, Quality and Improvement, used in the same sentence are quite powerful and opened my eyes to what might be possible. After visiting a few working lunches and hearing more about how QI can aid recovery this built my interest further, I wanted to know more.

In my view any suggestions on how we can improve are a positive thing, so I wanted to know how I could be involved and demonstrate QI while being a member and service user of the Trust.

I next joined some QI training for Service Users and Carers at Mile End Hospital, a new site for me being from Hackney but I enjoyed the opportunity to see how a different site connected with people in that area. The half day training captured the essence of what service users who have wanted to improve the quality of service had envisaged. I felt inspired and came away thinking how can I do more.

Following the training I went to the Service User and Carer QI steering group (a monthly group of service users, carers, people participation leads and QI team members), at this group I felt the energy thriving and when an opportunity came up to become the new Chair of the group I volunteered.

As the chair I started to learn how to plan and structure a meeting, how to be a time keeper, how to organise minutes of the meeting, how to cover the agenda as chair, and importantly how to invite service users and carers across the Trust to engage and be part of QI.

In my view improvement is essential for all service users and carers, it can enable learning, growth, is encouraging, all positive aspects of recovery. In future service users and carers can see they will have a better service they can trust and will keep on improving.

Through my involvement I became more active and overcame shyness. I had never been encouraged to take the lead in anything so I felt leadership skills developing. I added rhythm to my routine and was pleased to meet new service users frequently, recommending that they link up with People Participation in Hackney. All of this really helped develop my communication skills.

From this joined my journey moved on even further as I worked alongside other service users and carers to prepare for and present at the Annual QI Conference in 2017. As a shy person I can really feel how far I’ve come and found it a very enlightening experience. You can see our conference session here>>

As Chair I’ve found myself more in tune with QI and how all of this can shape recovery. Through QI the service is enhancing, staff are happier and that filters through to service users and carer experience.

If you would like to work alongside us as a vice chair for the QI Service User & Carer Steering Group please get in touch and start your own QI journey. I’ll be happy to meet and talk with anyone about what we’ve achieved and how we can work together. Please contact your local People Participation Lead to make contact and get involved!

Our QI Conference Presentation

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