18 March 2024

Ep 5 Environments where people can thrive | Celebrating 10 years of QI at ELFT

Explore how healthcare organisations can best support their staff by creating environments where people can thrive at work.  Join a conversation co-hosted by Dr Amar Shah, Chief Quality Officer at ELFT, and Pedro Delgado from the Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI), with their guest Steve Swensen, a senior fellow at the IHI and Emeritus Professor at the Mayo Clinic.

Discover the relationship between kindness as a concept and improvement as a method for solving problems and consider how we can systematise kindness in organisations.  Delve into the benefits of creating work environments where people can thrive as we examine evidence and good practice for creating joyful places of work.

Uncover the transition in the relationship between caregiver and care receiver towards one that is about co-production of health. How can this organisational democracy and collaboration benefit not only the health of staff, but also population health?

Watch all of our ‘10 Conversations for 10 Years’ series, celebrating 10 years of Quality Improvement at East London NHS Foundation Trust.


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