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Three Part Data Review: Learning and Disabilities service in Bedfordshire & Luton

23 April 2019

One of the key steps in using the triple aim approach to improving quality of life for those we serve is a good understanding of assets and needs within the specific population you are working with. The three part data review is the simple, systematic way to start learning about assets and needs. This involves the following… Read More

Over 18 safety huddles a week and we’re just getting started

11 April 2019

Luton and Bedfordshire adult mental health wards were the last to trial the Trust’s violence reduction package, spread from Tower Hamlets ward-by-ward across the Trust. Their aim was to reduce physical violence on inpatient wards by 30% by September 2018. Between July and September 2018, progress rapidly improved. Wards started holding regular safety huddles and… Read More

Initiative to Increase Engagement with BAME Population

26 March 2019

Colleagues at Luton’s Memory Assessment Service are working to improve the engagement and experience of people from BAME communities. Engagement with the South Asian community, the second largest ethnic group in the area after the white British population, is now possible through the creation and distribution of multilingual leaflets to local GPs and wellbeing groups…. Read More

Congratulations to our Wave 8 ILP graduates!

22 March 2019

Congratulations to our Wave 8 – Improvement Leaders Programme (ILP) trainees who graduated on Tuesday 12th March. Over the last 6 months of the programme they have applied their learning to active quality improvement projects across the trust. At the graduation event, we were delighted to welcome some of our executive team and QI sponsors,… Read More

Improving the quality of services in North Hackney CMHT

21 March 2019

The City and Hackney North team joined the priority formally in July-August 2018, having started to look at sources of dissatisfaction for staff and service users around care provision. As with the first pilot teams, initial change ideas revolved around staff related issues/environment, in particular respecting noise levels and structures that would facilitate or hinder… Read More

Reshaping relationships: the Isle of Dogs Community Mental Health Service story

21 March 2019

In January 2017, the team started to look at service level changes and experience of service users and staff. The reasoning behind it was that people were dissatisfied with the service, staff morale was low, turnover in the team was high, as was the number of complaints. Those issues needed to be addressed as a… Read More

Reshaping services in Newham: the South Community Recovery team

21 March 2019

Here’s an overview of the Reshaping Community Services work being carried out in Newham, in the South Community Recovery team, one of the first pilot teams in this Quality Improvement priority area. As part of their project, the team were aiming to improve the satisfaction with care provided by staff and received by service users…. Read More

Discharge counselling: improving patient support by the Newham Pharmacy team

20 March 2019

Service users were being discharged by the Newham Centre for Mental Health without receiving discharged counselling from the pharmacy team. A project was then launched to tackle this issue, with an aim of increasing discharge counselling rate from 0% to 50%. Find out how the team managed to achieve this aim and what they are… Read More

Reshaping Community Services with service users in East London

19 March 2019

If a mental health community team could have an open hand at improving care delivery, what would their service users focus on? Discover how teams from directorates at East London Foundation Trust worked together with service users to reshape services in this blog by Senior Improvement Advisor Francisco Frasquilho. The Early Days In late 2016,… Read More

QI Essentials: What does a Chief Quality Officer do?

18 March 2019

What is the role of a CQO? There are still very few chief quality officers in the UK, although it’s a common role in the US. In this blog, Dr Amar Shah reflects on the role and responsibilities of a Chief Quality Officer…     I figured it was probably about time to tackle this… Read More

Lea Ward Staff Introduce Sleeping Packs for Patients

8 March 2019

Innovative staff at Lea Ward in Tower Hamlets have introduced sleeping packs to help service users get the best rest possible as part of their mental health recovery. Service users at the male inpatient ward are given a pack including an eye mask, ear plugs, bag of lavender to put in the pillow case for… Read More

CAMHS Access and Flow series

8 March 2019

Here you can access seven stories about improving access and flow in our Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. Click on the icons to view.

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