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Quality Improvement Department ‘tests’ webinar ‘Pocket QI’ training

30 March 2020

During this past few weeks the trust has been presented with many differing challenges in an environment that is changing almost daily. It is important we respond appropriately, one such challenge for the QI Department was to explore how we continue to build skills for QI in a different way as bringing people together for… Read More

QI/QA Department ‘tests’ remote working

23 March 2020

On Friday the 13th March (was that a sign?) we conducted our first ‘test’ of total remote working. Little did we know then that this way of working would quickly become the norm for millions of workers across the globe. 1st test cycle – ‘one day of remote working’ As normal with all improvement work… Read More

QI-Lite cherry picking techniques and tools

17 March 2020

Using an Appreciative Enquiry with Cancer and Palliative Care Nurses. Dr. Sara Rasool, from Macmillan Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Lead for Community Health Psychology Services. (Beds and Luton), updated the QI Department on how the use of an Appreciative Enquiry helped her and her team reflect at their team Away Day in February. Adopting tools… Read More

QI Essentials: Opportunity in adversity

13 March 2020

Moments of crisis and adversity have given rise to innovation and creativity at so many times in history and for so many organisations. Serious creativity, as Edward de Bono described it. De Bono is a physician and psychologist who originated the term ‘lateral thinking’. De Bono has developed many of the provocation techniques designed to… Read More

Congratulations to the latest Improvement Leaders!

4 March 2020

On Tuesday 3rd March the ninth Wave of the Improvement Leaders’ Programme (ILP, formally ISIA) and third Cohort of Enjoying Work came to a close with a graduation and celebration event. Since September 2019 around 140 staff, service users and carers have participated in 8 workshops designed to equip them with the tools and knowledge… Read More

Daily Improvement at Pocket QI

26 February 2020

In Module one of Pocket QI our Improvement Advisors, Jamie and Michelle, taught the delegates a range of tools. During this latest cohort the delegates were set the task of practicing at least one tool before coming back for module two. Notably one delegate used a pareto chart to look at which which diagnoses are… Read More

Making QI a way of being

26 February 2020

In October 2019, Craig Donohoe, a QI Coach and Service User, aptly summarised the sentiment that was being echoed from different parts of the organisation – “QI should be a way of being” The way we do quality improvement work at ELFT has been expanding to include everyday improvement activities that happen outside of formal… Read More

Working to improve the quality of life for people with serious mental illness in Hackney

26 February 2020

The City and Hackney initial Triple Aim project looks at improving the quality of life for people who experience serious mental Illness (SMI) in City and Hackney. The triple aim team consists of staff, service users, and community partners to help identify core needs for the serious mental illness (SMI) population, and ways to support… Read More

Stopping the monster days

26 February 2020

We recently heard about the progress of one of our early triple aim projects that we supported across Tower Hamlets Together, bringing together a range of stakeholders and partners and supporting three projects. Tower Hamlets Together is a group of health and social care organisations working closer together to improve the health and wellbeing of… Read More

QI Essentials: Improvement as a specialism

13 February 2020

Quality improvement has come of age.   It’s wonderful to see the increasing belief in the systematic approach of quality improvement, within the NHS and also further afield. The evidence base is growing that we can solve our most complex issues in health and healthcare by deeply involving those closest to the issue in a… Read More

What does 2020 have in store for Sponsorship at ELFT

27 January 2020

What is so special about sponsorship? When talking about sponsoring, images of product names on sports vests or donations to friends and colleagues comes to mind. My own experiences of engaging with sponsorship ranged from cautiously knocking on neighbour’s doors at the age of 12 to ask for donations for my school charity fun run,… Read More

Quality Consultation – Phase 2

27 January 2020

Phase 2 of the Quality Consultation clinic is underway. Mohammad Ramjany sat down with us to tell us about how QI Coaches at Corporate have been experimenting with different ways of supporting improvement work. “We started off the Quality Consultation on 25th November 2019, it was a test to see whether we could support staff… Read More

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