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The Road to Really Making Things Better: Developing an Aim Statement

28 July 2021

By Nicola Ballingall, Improvement Advisor   Dr Liz Dawson, Primary Care Medical Director recently reflected that, “We often set off on the road of wanting to make things better, but without a really clear idea of where we want to go. We can lose our way when we reach a fork in the road.” She… Read More

Primary Care: One Year Into an Improvement Journey

23 July 2021

Story and sketchnotes by Nicola Ballingall, Improvement Advisor In this 3 minute illustrated read, get a better understanding of the shared purpose of Primary Care in 2021; looking at the strengths and aspirations of the team as well as how they want to enable improvement this year. Also learn about the improvement tools they used… Read More

Using Data for Decision Making in the Quality Improvement Department

12 July 2021

By Akkash Purani, Senior Improvement Data Analyst and QI Coach Is it true that we only have one job in our current roles? It’s often been said that we really have two jobs: one, to do the actual job we’ve been hired for and two, to improve how that job is done. This is the… Read More

The Newham Mental Health Triple Aim Journey of Discovery 2018 to 2021: Revisiting population needs and the impact of social isolation one year after the start of the pandemic.

2 July 2021

By Susan Alfred, Improvement Advisor In late 2018, Newham Adult Mental Health (NAMH) directorate was one of the first directorates in ELFT to begin using the Triple Aim approach to focus on improving the outcomes, experience, and value for a select population. The population chosen was: “Service users who have had five or more referrals… Read More

Working to Improve Health Outcomes & Reduce Inequalities for Homeless People

1 July 2021

By Sher Kayani, Improvement Advisor The Triple Aim project that aims to improve health outcomes and reduce inequalities for homeless people in the borough of Tower Hamlets is gaining momentum. The team made up of psychologists, assistant psychologists, psychiatrists, and service users from ELFT in addition to the staff and residents of two complex needs… Read More

Leighton Buzzard Restarts its Triple Aim Work to Improve the Health of the Older Population

29 June 2021

By Daisy Maradzika, Improvement Advisor In September 2020, East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) staff, service users and carers came together to improve the health of their local population in Leighton Buzzard. Together, they represented Mental Health, Community and Primary Care Services as well as local partners (Local authority, non-profit organisations, elderly care facilities, Central… Read More

Two ELFT Quality Improvement Projects Shortlisted for the HSJ Patient Safety Awards 2021

28 June 2021

The Trust is happy to announce that City & Hackney Mental Health and the Forensics Services have both been shortlisted at the 2021 HSJ (Health Services Journal) Patient Safety Awards, for their quality improvement work. Shortlisted for the Covid-19 Infection Prevention and Control Award, City & Hackney pioneered Covid secure bundles to identify covid risks on wards and help staff feel safer. This work was in response to concerns about personal safety regarding covid within inpatient mental health wards. This work allowed staff to air concerns in… Read More

Bedfordshire Wellbeing Service’s Triple Aim QI Project: The Three-Part Data Review

28 June 2021

By Lawrence Chung, Business Manager and Kayleigh Sanders, Trainee Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner 8 minute read This story explains how Bedfordshire Wellbeing Service, known as BWS, have made recent progress in their project on reducing inequalities. They share how they have used data to learn more about their chosen population segment; Asian or Asian British men… Read More

Veterans and Triple Aim: Building Social Opportunities for the Veterans Community

28 June 2021

By Carlos Santos, Improvement Advisor A veteran is an individual aged 16+ who has previously served at least one day in the UK armed forces, with around 2.4 million currently living in the UK. ELFT has recently signed up to be part of the armed forces covenant, which aims to demonstrate the Trust’s commitment to… Read More

Triple Aim Project Teams Come Together to Share Learning Around Measurement

25 June 2021

By Francisco Frasquilho, Senior Improvement Advisor, ELFT QI On the 16th of June seven teams attended the Triple Aim learning session, bringing together staff, service users and partners from all around the Trust, and beyond, to progress their projects and share learning. Triple Aim is the Trust’s approach to simultaneously improve health outcomes, experiences of… Read More

Triple Aim

Dealing with Taboo: Improving Sexual Safety in Forensics

25 June 2021

By Emma Furlong, Sexual Safety Lead, Forensics and Independent ELFT Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) The John Howard Centre forms part of East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) Forensic Services with around 160 inpatient service users. At the Centre, the sexual needs of inpatients were not being recognised and this was leading to frustration and incidents of sexual violence against other service users and staff. Anecdotal feedback from service… Read More

Safety Cross

Stories from the Value Learning System

24 May 2021

Use the links below to explore these stories: Value Learning System Launch Reducing Trust Spend on Transport by Using Black Cabs Making Better Decisions in Business Intelligence and Analytics Reducing Complaints in Forensics Reducing Waiting Times for Occupational Therapy (OT) Interventions Value Learning System Launch Value Learning System Launch Value Learning System Launch On the… Read More

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