Resource Category: Data and Measurement

Using statistical process control to improve the quality of health care
Controlling Variation in Health Care: A Consultation from Walter Shewhart (DONALD M. BERWICK, MD, MPP)
ELFT’s Quality Management System – Part 1
Understanding Quality Management – Demonstrated through Peter Cai’s weight lost journey
ELFT’s Quality Management System – Part 2
The run chart: a simple analytical tool for learning from variation in healthcare processes
Navigating in the Turbulent Sea of Data: The Quality Measurement Journey
C Chart Formula
ELFT QI Charts Tutorial
Understanding Variation
NHS Institution for Innovation: How to incorporate measurement to guide your safety improvement
A Guide to Measuring the Triple Aim
Shewhart and The Probability Approach
Statistical Process Control as a Tool for Research and Healthcare Improvement
Whiteboard Control Charts 1
Whiteboard Run Chart 1
Whiteboard Run Chart 2
Whiteboard Static vs Dynamic Data
Whiteboard Family of Measures
Control Charts

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