Resource Category: Design and Evaluation of Quality Improvement

Aiming beyond equality to reach equity: the promise and challenge of quality improvement
IHI Psychology of Change Framework to Advance and Sustain Improvement
Quick Guide to our quality management system at ELFT
Quality Improvement in Practice: Lessons from mental health
A Practical Implementation Science Heuristic for Organizational Readiness: R = MC2
15 Concrete Ideas to Manage an Improvement Project
A Simple Tool for Managing Quality Improvement Projects
What we know about designing an effective improvement intervention (but too often fail to put into practice)
Looking back at our first year of QI at ELFT
Does quality improvement improve quality
Continuous Improvement of Patient Saftey
Quality Improvement: Theory and Practice in Healthcare
QI evaluation newsletter – 2015
Dr Don Goldmann – How To Implement Credible QI Projects

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