21 December 2022

Words of Wisdom for those Starting QI Projects

By Improvers and QI coaches across ELFT


Do you have an idea for improvement but are not sure where to begin?  

Here are some top tips from improvers and QI Coaches across ELFT: 


Ellie Gillet, Therapies Clinical Service Manager Mid, Bedfordshire Community Therapy Services   


Being part of a quality improvement project has been a positive experience for a variety of reasons, amplifying and cementing my passion for service development. Despite this, it hasn’t all been plain sailing; the biggest challenge is time. The constraints of capturing all the information required for Life QI, allocating time for meetings, implementation of ideas, and resistance to change. Allow yourself protected sufficient time; you always need more than you think.” 


Maryam Chohan, Senior Clinical Pharmacist Luton & Bedfordshire, Crisis Pathway Pharmacist, Luton & Bedfordshire Mental Health and Wellbeing Service 

“My advice would be to attend Quality Improvement tools training sessions and Life QI training so that you know how to plan your QI project and how to use all the tools available within QI. I also found the QI website and having a QI lead like Candace very useful as I booked a session with her and went through the driver diagram together, which was great for planning the QI project.” 



Becks Lingard, Borough Lead Nurse for City & Hackney, City & Hackney Centre for Mental Health. 

“Choose a team with energy and enthusiasm! Ensure the multi-disciplinary team are fully involved. Celebrate the improvements with your team no matter how small! Use your team to build the narrative around your data. It helps people make sense of the numbers!”


Louise Hughes, Therapies Clinical Service Manager, Rehabilitation and Enablement Team, Bedfordshire Community Health Services. 

 “Complete the QI Improvement Leaders Programme to gain a better understanding of all a QI project involves. It is much easier to attend the course with your ideas and know who your coach and sponsor will be beforehand. It reinforces the positive thinking and that changes are easier to make than you often believe.” 

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