22 January 2024

Ep 1 | Infrastructure for Improvement | Celebrating 10 years of QI at ELFT

Discover how the infrastructure for Quality Improvement at East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) has evolved, and what enables and supports teams and individuals to apply improvement in their daily work.  Join a discussion featuring Dr Amar Shah, Chief Quality Officer at ELFT, Pedro Delgado from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Auzewell Chitewe, Katherine Brittin and Tim Gill from the QI team at ELFT, as they delve into ELFT’s distinctive approach to integrating Quality Improvement throughout the Trust.   

Explore the concept of infrastructure for improvement, as it relates to people, skills and resources.  How can we motivate people to engage in improvement work, foster the development of necessary skills, and create time and space for improvement initiatives?  What practical issues have we had to overcome?   

The episode delves into how ELFT’s improvement infrastructure has evolved from a small central team with a website introducing Quality Improvement, to a deep support structure wrapped around teams as they work through complex problems.  The team outline the barriers, opportunities and the iterative process required to make sure that our quality improvement efforts at scale are supported by a sufficiently robust and capable infrastructure. 

Learn how ELFT’s leadership structure and the decision to decentralise improvement has helped people to adopt a culture of curiosity and continuous learning across the organisation and across leadership at all levels.  



Watch all of our ‘10 conversations for 10 years’ series, celebrating 10 years of Quality Improvement at East London NHS Foundation Trust. 

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