4 March 2020

Congratulations to the latest Improvement Leaders!

On Tuesday 3rd March the ninth Wave of the Improvement Leaders’ Programme (ILP, formally ISIA) and third Cohort of Enjoying Work came to a close with a graduation and celebration event. Since September 2019 around 140 staff, service users and carers have participated in 8 workshops designed to equip them with the tools and knowledge they can apply to QI projects aimed at improving the quality of our service and experience at ELFT.

Dr Navina Evans (CEO) and Paul Calaminus (Deputy CEO) and Dr Paul Gilluley (Chief Medical Officer) were among special guests at the celebration event to hear stories from delegates. All of the teams shared their learning and achievements from the projects in poster format, you can find these along with pictures of the teams and the event below. Over the coming weeks we will share lots more of the stories from Wave 9 ILP and Enjoying Work Cohort 3 with you.

The 2019/20 ILP programme incorporated four themed learning systems within it, one for general QI projects focused on a variety of quality issues, one for Triple Aim projects focused on improving population health, one focused on improving value, and also the Enjoying Work learning system.

Enjoying Work Cohort 3 brought 20 teams from across the trust together, who used QI methods to work on enhancing the experience of their staff at work, so that they can better serve our communities. You can find out more about what has been involved in that process and the team’s experiences of it here >>

The ILP is an annual 6 month learning event at ELFT and we’ve now trained over 1000 Improvement Leaders in this programme. If you are interested in finding out more, or know someone who might benefit from being part of the next wave please visit our ILP Wave 10 page on the QI microsite here >>

Congratulations to all delegates on Wave 9 ILP and Enjoying Work Cohort 3 teams, your efforts are making a significant contribution towards our mission to improve the quality of life for all we serve.


Wave 9 ILP Project Posters and Pictures

Enjoying Cohort Cohort 3 Team Photos and Posters



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