2 June 2015

Wave 2 graduate with flying colours!

Congratulations to the Wave 2 improvement science in action trainees who graduated in May.

At their final learning set on 22 May the wave 2 cohort shared with each other the progress of the nearly 60 QI projects they have been working on over the last 6 months.

It was an informative and fun day in Hackney, where we practiced learning from PDSA (Plan Do Study Act) cycles in a couple of games and also heard from colleagues working on quality improvement programmes in the South West of England, Gloucestershire, across Scotland and also Denmark.

To find all of the presentations given by wave 2 and see a list of everyone who has graduated in this wave below and on the on the wave 2 training page

Professor Robert Lloyd from the IHI, who is delivering much of the wave 1 , 2 and 3 training, sent the group a special message of congratulations over video.

[wpvideo 9fWxBwLv]

Well done to all!

QI project presentations from the Wave 2 Learning Set and Graduation on Friday 22 May at Hackney Town Hall

To view any of the presentations click on the project title below

Medication errors and missed doses   Community Health Newham and MHCOP Alan Cottney Bed occupancy Community Health Newham and MHCOP Azad Cadinouche
Community Health Newham and MHCOP Charles Purryag
Enhancing effectiveness of psychology services, presentation in progress Corporate Graham Fawcett Community Health Newham and MHCOP Sylvester Lamin
Corporate Thomas Nicholas
Mind and Body Forensics Jennifer Gonzales
Improving appointment attendance at the Specialist Addiction Unit  Addictions Dayo Agunbiade
Addictions Jeannine Cox Weight Loss Community Health Newham and MHCOP Mina Bobdey
Quality Dashboard Corporate Forid Alom Falls Community Health Newham and MHCOP Alan Clarke
Corporate Thomas Nicholas Community Health Newham and MHCOP Imtiaz Bhoyroo
Community Health Newham and MHCOP Michael Donkor
Improving uptake of therapies Tower Hamlets Mental Health Jennifer French
Tower Hamlets Mental Health Patricia Potter JHC Reception Staff Satisfaction Forensics Sarah Wood
Newham Mental Health Fenno Outen
Increase referrals to Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Agencies and Multi- agency risk assessment conferences (MARAC) Newham Mental Health Christine Tacey
Improving of physical health of AOS service City and Hackney Mental Health Elvan Akyuz
City and Hackney Mental Health Declan Phelan Payment By Results clustering. City and Hackney Mental Health Bailey Mitchell
City and Hackney Mental Health David Bridle
Physical health collaborative Community Health Newham and MHCOP Kate Corlett Corporate Auzewell Chitewe
Improving Diabetes Care in Inpatient settings City and Hackney Mental Health Emma Binley Enhanced ICT service using video assessment Community Health Newham and MHCOP Marion Reilly
Community Health Newham and MHCOP  Peter Bell
Clozapine titration crisis house Tower Hamlets Mental Health Rahul Bhattacharya
CMHT Physical Health Newham Mental Health Iris Gibson
Improving physical health monitoring at the DWC City and Hackney Mental Health Charlotte Johnson-Webber Newham Mental Health Iyas Assalman
City and Hackney Mental Health Helen McColl
City and Hackney Mental Health Luke Mearns Physical Health of C&H Community Rehab & Recovery Caseload City and Hackney Mental Health Vincenzo Giordano
Effective internal communications Corporate Carrie-Ann Wade-Williams To take away medication Newham Mental Health Charity Okoli
Corporate Janet Flaherty Newham Mental Health Veena Shivnath
Newham Mental Health Ibrahim Salah
Reducing harm from Pressure Ulcers Community Health Newham and MHCOP Helen Green
Community Health Newham and MHCOP Reena Tripathi Weight loss in Forensics Forensics Gerard Waldron
Physical health monitoring post RT/PRN City and Hackney Mental Health Richard Bakasa Smoke free PICU Tower Hamlets Mental Health Karl Marlowe
City and Hackney Mental Health Tumi Banda Tower Hamlets Mental Health Paul Fuller
Tower Hamlets Mental Health Alex Obamwonyi
Weight management in Newham Newham Mental Health Edwin Ndlovu
Newham Mental Health Steve Yarnold Eliminate medication errors from failed TTA processes Community Health Newham and MHCOP Peter Bell
Corporate Simon Tulloch
Improving attendance at SUSS drug and alcohol support groups for inpatient and discharged forensic service users Forensics Nikki Wood
Improving occupational therapy intervention Newham Mental Health Fenno Outen
Women’s health questionnaire City and Hackney Mental Health Ruth O’Neill Increasing senior out of hours cover Tower Hamlets Mental Health Jan Falkowski
City and Hackney Mental Health Rachel Levett Tower Hamlets Mental Health Rikke Albert
Investigation efficiency Corporate Stephanie Nartey Improving patient treatment outcomes through increased listening of patient experiences by using the Glasgow Antipsychotic Side Effect Rating  Scale (GASS) Forensics Graham Manyere
Corporate Zenda Butler Forensics Gbenga Olokuntoye
Forensics Jodie Pritchard
Waiting times at CHN Child Development Centre Children’s Services Cathy Lavelle Forensics Tony Kasambira
Children’s Services Fayrus Abusrewil
Children’s Services Sophia Njiri The Royal London Longstayers Project Tower Hamlets Mental Health Rikke Albert
Improving PD service Tower Hamlets Mental Health Sarah Ball Advance Care Planning, Memory services Community Health Newham and MHCOP Sandra Evans
Advance care planning, acute admissions Community Health Newham and MHCOP Charlotte Wattebot O’Brien Missed doses Forensics Maureen Brown
Social and Therapeutic Horticulture Forensics Thomas Macgregor Stopping smoking in Wolfson house Forensics Sian Llewellyn-Jones
Improving written communication with primary care City and Hackney Mental Health Andrew Horobin Globe Ward Family & Carer Interventions Tower Hamlets Mental Health Ferdinand Jonsson
City and Hackney Mental Health Johhanne Holland
Reducing the Severity, Frequency and Impact of Serious Incidents Corporate Nick Bass
Noise Reduction on Older Adult Ward Community Health Newham and MHCOP Maggie Joyce
Community Health Newham and MHCOP Rosca Marange Reducing Waiting Times for Foot Health Community Health Newham and MHCOP Michael Henderson
Waiting times in Hackney City and Hackney Mental Health Amrus Ali Engagement with Activities Forensics Graham Manyere
City and Hackney Mental Health Julia Callus Forensics Gbenga Olokuntoye
Forensics Jodie Pritchard
Complaints response Tower Hamlets Mental Health Tracey Upex Forensics Tony Kasambira
Tower Hamlets Mental Health Lawford Clough
Violence & Aggression on Female PICU Tower Hamlets Mental Health Rebecca Lingard
Waiting times, to children’s OT Children’s Services Olusola Ogbajie
Criminal Justice Liaison and Diversion Tower Hamlets Mental Health Rhodri David
Improving satisfaction amongst young people and families at the Coborn Children’s Services Laura Fialko
Children’s Services Henry Iwunze This is my ward round City and Hackney Mental Health Jamie Stafford
Waiting Times Psychological Services Newham Mental Health Erasmo Tacconelli Learning from complaints Newham Mental Health Dudley Manns
Newham Mental Health Lucy Newman
Improving Community Learning Disability service Psychological Services & Learning Disability Rachel James
Reducing Violence & Aggression on older adult wards Community Health Newham and MHCOP Carmel Stevenson

Congratulations to the class of Wave 2!

Alan Cottney Fenno Outen Khadijah Hussain Rikke Albert
Alex Obamwonyi Ferdinand Jonsson Kirsten Ellis Rosca Marange
Amrus Ali Forid Alom Laura Fialko Ruth O’Neill
Andrew Horobin Gbenga Olokuntoye Lawford Clough Salema Khatun
Auzewell Chitewe Gerard Waldron Lucy Newman Sandra Evans
Azad Cadinouche Gill Williams Luke Mearns Sarah Ball
Bailey Mitchell Glenda Ericksen Lynda Iyeke Sarah Wood
Brent Elliot Graham Fawcett Maggie Joyce Sean White
Carmel Stevenson Graham Manyere Marion Reilly Sian Llewellyn-Jones
Carrie-Ann Wade-Williams Helen Green Mark Pattison Silvia Murguia
Cathy Lavelle Helen McColl Mason Fitzgerald Simon Tulloch
Charity Okoli Henrietta Mbeah-Bankas Maureen Brown Sophia Njiri
Charles Purryag Henry Iwunze Michael Donkor Stella Lam
Charlotte Johnson-Webber Ibrahim Salah Michael Henderson Stephanie  Nartey
Charlotte Wattebot O’Brien Imtiaz ‘Tim’ Bhoyroo Mina Bobdey Steve Yarnold
Christine  Tacey Iris Gibson Nick Bass Steven Course
Daniela Maroni Iyas Assalman Nick Walsh Sue Abbott
David Bridle Jamie Stafford Nikki Wood Sylvester Lamin
Dayo Agunbiade Jan Falkowski Olusola Ogbajie Thomas Macgregor
Deba Choudhury-Peters Janet Flaherty Patricia Potter Thomas Nicholas
Declan Phelan Jeannine Cox Peter Bell Tony Kasambira
Dudley Manns Jennifer French Rachel  Levett Tracey Upex
Edward Sekyere Jennifer Gonzales Rachel James Tumi Banda
Edwin Ndlovu Jenny Parker Rahul Bhattacharya Veena Shivnath
Elvan Akyuz Jodie Pritchard Rebbeca Lingard Vincenzo Giordano
Emma Binley Johhanne Holland Rebecca Adams Yasar Choudhary
Erasmo Tacconelli Julia Callus Reena Tripathi Zaza Darwiche
Fayrus Abusrewil Karl Marlowe Rhodri David Zenda Butler
Kate Corlett Richard Bakasa

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