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Stories from Cohort 4 of Enjoying Work

29 March 2021

If you’re interested in making real improvements and improve the wellbeing and satisfaction of you and your team at work, sign up to an introductory session to Enjoying Work Use the links below to explore these stories: Randomised Coffee Meeting to Tackle Isolation A Cohesive Breakfast Club Improving the Experience of New Starters Using a… Read More

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Technology for Teams in a Virtual Landscape

10 February 2021

QI Learning sessions run by the Tech Champions   by Samina Aklas, Trainee Data Analyst It is always stimulating to deploy new technology and tools to enhance the work we do. The Quality department asked for volunteers from within the department to become Tech Champions. They offered a series of group and 1:1 session to… Read More

Technology for Teams in a Virtual Landscape

Creating a Driver Diagram with people working remotely

10 June 2020

By Auz Chitewe, Associate Director. In this article, we share one way that a group of people, all connecting virtually from different locations, went about creating a Driver Diagram. A Driver Diagram is a core improvement tool that is useful for visually showing the theory of change for an improvement effort. It helps teams articulate… Read More

Using Microsoft Teams Effectively

19 May 2020

By Forid Alom, Head of Improvement Analytics Since Microsoft Teams was made available to the whole NHS through NHS Digital, we have seen a massive upsurge of teams adopting the platform for collaborative working. As we transition into this new era, we face new challenges. How do we use the platform effectively to manage communications within… Read More

Miles apart but closer than ever!

23 April 2020

By Sarah Breese, Improvement Advisor. The Corporate Secretariat team share how physical distance does not need to stand in the way of great team work and how they have used Quality Improvement tools to help. What was the challenge? The COVID-19 pandemic has meant the Corporate Secretariat team have had to adapt their working practises… Read More

QI data team ‘tests’ virtual assessment centre & interviews

1 April 2020

As with other areas in the trust we must rapidly adapt to the current situation. So, on Wednesday 25th March the QI department conducted our first virtual assessment centre and virtual interviews. Applying improvement methodology enabled learning from this experience, important not only for the department but also the whole trust. Our theory was that we… Read More

Quality Improvement Department ‘tests’ virtual Pocket QI training

30 March 2020

  During March we have all been presented with many differing challenges, one such challenge for the QI Department was to explore how we continue to build skills for QI within ELFT during such a challenging time. As with other areas in the trust we must rapidly adapt to the current situation. So, on the… Read More

QI/QA Department ‘tests’ remote working

23 March 2020

On Friday the 13th March (was that a sign?) we conducted our first ‘test’ of total remote working. Little did we know then that this way of working would quickly become the norm for millions of workers across the globe. It became apparent that we would need to do a longer test. So, based on… Read More

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